Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Musings

So, we'll start off with some good news.
Last month we saw yet another case of an LGBTQ youth attempting suicide as a result of bullying when Austin Rodriguez tried to kill himself, but ended up, instead, in a coma. [original post HERE]
Now, Austin is off the ventilator; he's out of the coma. He's been awake for nearly a week. And he's been moved from the ICU and is in a private room in the hospital.
Austin took to Facebook, via his mother's account, to let people know he's doing better:
Hopefully this is a wake up call for Austin; for him to realize that suicide isn't an answer. And hopefully this will be a wake up call to parents and schools that bullying needs to stop.

Tony Perkins, Flying Monkey In Chief for the inappropriately named American Family Association, actually believe that the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell brought about the Secret Service Hooker Scandal.
That's quite a jump. Allowing gay men and women to serve openly in our military is the root cause of a bunch of Secret Service agents hiring Colombian hookers.
That Tony Perkins is just about the biggest idiot EVER!

Say it isn't so!
Maggie Smith reportedly wants out of Downton Abbey after next season, wishing to return to movies and the stage: "Maggie has asked Julian to write her character out...She is filming until August and then wants to leave, going out on a high. She thinks that three (seasons) is enough and she wants to get back to the stage and big screen."
That means that, should there be a fourth season of Abbey, the Dowager Countess, a master of the potent one-line put-down, will be gone.

Mitt Romney may appear on Saturday Night Live to, um, dispel the rumors that he's as dull as dishwater and stiff as a board. But, if he does it, Mittsy asks one thing of the SNL writers.
No, don't make him wear flip-flops isn't the right answer.
No, don't make fun of his millionaire stay-at-home-mom wife isn't it either.
Mittsy asks that the show be........Funny.
Because Mittsy knows comedy. I mean, look at his political career and aspirations.

And, speaking of Mittsy, we all know that his opinions are like buses: a new one will be along in five minutes. But while he is the Flip-flopper of the Romney household, Ann Romney has quickly become the delusional moron in charge.
First was the horrid struggle she endured by choosing to be a stay-at-any-number-of-homes mom, and now she's said this:
'Memba when people were all outraged that the Romney family strapped the family dog, Seamus, into an air-tight crate, and then put him on the roof of their car for a twelve hour road trip in 1983? And 'remeber how Seamus defecated all over himself and on the windshield, but also thoroughly enjoyed the experience?
Yeah, that';s Ann Romney';s newest spin.
“The dog loved it,” Ann Romney says, “He would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation."
Ann Romney cares as much about average stay-at-home mothers as she does about the family pet, and for her to suggest that the dog enjoyed being tied down to the roof of a car and forced to sh*t himself is reprehensible.
Of course, Mittsy took up the call, too, telling Diane Sawyer that he would do that again: "Certainly not with the attention it's received."
See, he wouldn't stop doing it  because it's inhumane to do such a thing, he'd stopped doing it because people noticed.
The Romneys. So fucking out of touch it's unbelievable.

Is Rush Limbaugh back on the Oxy?
Well, he's certainly sounding crazier than normal.
Limbaugh says that while using his iPhone with a voice-transcription feature that turns spoken words into printed text, a mysterious message suddenly showed up:
“Obama’s minions are taking over and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
That missive left the moron radio host just dumbfounded--emphasis on the dumb--as he noted, “I hadn’t said anything like that!”
But, true to form, Rush has no proof that his iPhone is sending him threats from Obama's Minions because, um, “I was so discombobulated by what happened that I didn’t save what showed up on my iPhone. I can’t prove this, because I didn’t keep the transcriptions. I deleted them. I don’t even know if I actually deleted them. I just didn’t send them. They are not on the phone. I went and looked.”
Discombobulated means totally off your effing rocker.

Jose Canseco. Baseball player. Steroid rager. Global warming expert.
He has been Tweeting about how global warming might have saved the Titanic.
Oh, but he has:

Some new hotties crossing the screen these days.
Columbus Short, of ABC's Scandal
Henry Ian Cusick, also of Scandal and, of course, Lost
François Arnaud, of Showtime's The Borgias
Neal Bledsoe, the hot gay Republican on Smash
Christian Cooke, from Starz' Magic City


kathy said...

Abby sez the dog went crazy upon seeing the crate because the dog was saying OMG! OMG! They're going to put me in that God damn crate!! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!! (Abby knows these things.)

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"Mittsy asks that [Saturday Night Live] be........Funny." Good luck with that. Lorne Michaels has been trying, and failing, for three decades.