Monday, April 09, 2012

Another NOM Smackdown

The National organization fro Marriage [NOM] is not having a good Spring.
First came the release of NOM documents showing their racist plan to pit the Black and Latino communities against the LGBT community in regards to marriage equality. And, while they were still wiping the egg from their faces for that mess, came their pitiful attempt to boycott Starbucks for their support of marriage equality,. That failed miserably when more people stood with Starbucks, and the company stock soared.
And now this.
Ben Cardin
NOM spent some $10,000 in last week's Maryland state primary in an effort to remove pro-marriage equality incumbent, Senator Ben Cardin, from office, and replace him with anti-equality Democrat C. Anthony Muse, who voted against the marriage bill.
Cardin won the election with a whopping, WHOPPING, 74% of the vote, while NOM"s candidate received just 16%.
Whopping. Or whooping; as in NOM took another ass whooping.
Their fifteen minutes are just about up.
Say Goodnight Magpie.

via HRC


froggy said...

74%?!?!? That is *more* than a landside - it is a seismic event!

tamayn said...

Better than quite a few Republican "Mandates," I believe.

Allan S. said...

Look like the holy week was holy shit week for NOM.

Wonder Man said...

they just need to quit

truthspew said...

I think NOM is now known for what it really is, that being a small bunch of very vocal, homophobic bigots.

And now that the racist cat is out of the bag, it bodes eve less well for NOM.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

They are become more fringy than the tattered edge of my cats old blanket!

designing wally said...

The National Organization of Morons strikes (out), Again!
I can't wait to hear how close they came to winning the seat....
I mean sixty sounds like sixteen, right?