Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Drag Race.....Was It Really A Drag?

So, last night on the Drag Race we got no winner. Tucked or otherwise.
It seems that RuPaul and his panel of judges couldn't ... wouldn't ... make a decision and so Ru left it up to the public to vote.
The winner will not be announced until the reunion episode next week.
Say whaaaaaat?
I mean, I was looking forward to the reunion, to get the dish on Puking Willam's departure, but, I have to wait? Sharon has to wait? To be crowned?
Anyhoo......if y'all wanna vote--for whomever you choose as long as it isn't PhiPhi--you can do so on Twitter, by using the hashtag #DragRace and Tweeting it to @RuPaulsDragRace.
If you don't Tweet--and why aren't you?--you can go to RuPaul's Drag Race page oin Facebook and cast your ballot.
If you don't Facebook, then shouldn't you be headed back to your time machine for your return trip to 1974?
I'm all about the Needles.
But I'd be happy if Chad won.
And again, no PhiPhi. But that's just Me Me.


kathy said...

Now I'm wondering... will they really tell us about Willam??

Sean said...

I have a twitter acct to follow some but last night I lost my tweeting cherry voting for Sharon. Like sex, my first tweet was clumsy and it took a while to figure it out but, like sex, I got better the more I tweeted.

Wonder Man said...


www.DiatribesAndOvations.com said...

I'm with you. I was p*ssed last night. I voted for Sharon, I'll be happy if Chad wins, but I don't think PhiPhi deserves it.

mistress maddie said...

Well Damn it Bob, your no help! I can't find the time machine either!!!! Buuuuuut anyway, I'm team Sharon, as I think before this show, I was one of her only fans! I have always adored her for her breaking the barries and doing her own style!


KDNA said...

If that snaggle-toothed bitch wins I will CUT someone!