Monday, April 02, 2012

NOM Declares Victory [?] Over Starbucks

You gotta love NOM.
Well, not really. What you gotta do is laugh at NOM.
See, they got their granny panties in a twist over Starbucks support of marriage equality and send their Hound From Hell, Maggie Gallagher, to corporate headquarters to demand that Starbucks stop being nice to The Gays and stuff.
Starbucks said No.
NOM said Well, boycott you.
Starbucks say, G'head.
Then thousands and thousands of people took the side of Starbucks.
And yet, Maggie Gallagher is declaring victory over Starbucks by saying NOM had a goal of reaching 25,000 people to their Dump Starbucks campaign.
Starbucks didn't have a goal, but over 400.000 people sided with them.
So, um, Mags, 400,000 to 25,000 is a victory for NOM?
Delusional say what.

5 comments: said...

Gallagher may well be the most desperate woman in America ... seeking fame at any price ... she's an Anti-Kardashian.

And she's really bad at math.

Wonder Man said...

What? in what universe

R.J. said...

Scoreboard, baby! We won. Deal with it, Mags.

froggy said...

HA! Not until you pry my bags of Starbuck's coffee, my mini-bags of Starbuck's decaf coffee, my six various mugs (I can explain...), my, at least, weekly usually more, coffee from the grocery store Starbucks, the bookstore Starbucks, the two stand alones by my house.....

mistress maddie said...

Your right, that dumb bitch can't even do math either......