Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, Tax Day! Why You Gotta Make Folks Lie?

Well, my taxes are done, a refund received, and all is right with the world.
Not so much for gay married couples.
See, although there several of these united states that allow gay couples to marry, the, capital letters United States does not recognize gay marriage, and so thousand of gay, legally married couples, have to commit perjury when they file their tax returns.
Thom Watson of Marriage Equality USA said: “It’s that crazy time of year again when the IRS requires you to affirm under penalty of law that you have been completely truthful on your tax forms, while simultaneously the Defense of Marriage Act actually mandates that some US couples lie on their tax forms."
And, while those legally married gay couples are forced to lie on their tax returns, and then sign it , thereby affirming that everything on it is true, these legally married gay couples get charged more than their straight counterparts.
The more complicated procedure has further cost implications, Thom Watson added: “Because of the additional requirements and complexity, most same-sex couples are forced by the government to spend more money and time to do their taxes than similarly situated opposite-sex couples.”
It costs more to be legally married and gay, and yet gay married couples do not reap the benefits under the law that straight married couples do.
Something's gotta give...............

via Pink News


www.DiatribesAndOvations.com said...

Truly frustrating. We've fought our own battles with the IRS. Something WILL give soon.

froggy said...


otoh, isn't there a marriage penalty? My income, compared to TE, has rarely made more than a blip in our rate, but it did make a blip. Seems it would be in the interest of the country to tax, tax, tax all they can so married should be married!!

Cubby said...

My California-issued marriage license means nothing in Ohio, and I have to check off the "single" box. Same for my federal return. When will this injustice end?

Stephen said...

My marriage license from DC is meaningless in Oregon & to the federal government. My marriage is a sham.