Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Donna Lichtenegger

Donna Lichtenegger, an elected state representative and Republican, of course, in Missouri, doesn't have the good sense evolution gave a goat. She, apparently, is entirely unaware that when you post homophobic and racially offensive "jokes" on Facebook, people will see them.
See, on this fool's page, she shared a "joke" about a "California to Texas" translation guide that characterizes same-sex marriage as "legalized perversion" and a "multicultural community" as a "high-crime area."
The post reads: "Due to the large number of jobs moving from California to Texas, Texas has compiled a "Californian to Texan" translation guide":
  • Arsenal of Weapons - Gun Collection
  • Delicate Wetlands - Swamp
  • Undocumented Worker - Illegal Alien
  • Cruelty-Free Materials - Synthetic Fiber
  • Assault and Battery - Attitude Adjustment
  • Heavily Armed - Well Protected
  • Narrow-Minded - Righteous
  • Taxes or Your Fair Share - Coerced Theft
  • Commonsense Gun Control - Gun Confiscation Plot
  • Illegal Hazardous Explosives - Fireworks for Stump Removal
  • Nonviable Tissue Mass - Unborn Baby
  • Equal Access to Opportunity - Socialism
  • Multicultural Community - High Crime Area
  • Fairness or Social Progress - Marxism
  • Upper Class or "The Rich" - Self-Employed
  • Progressive, Change - Big Government Scheme
  • Homeless or Disadvantaged - Bums or Welfare Leeches
  • Sniper Rifle - Scoped Deer Rifle
  • Investment For The Future - Higher Taxes
  • Heathcare Reform - Socialized Medicine
  • Truants - Homeschoolers
  • Victim or Oppressed - Criminal or Lazy Do-For-Nothing
  • High Capacity Magazine - Standard Capacity Magazine
  • Religious Zealot - Church-Going
  • Reintroduced Wolves - Sheep and Deer Killers
  • Fair Trade Coffee - Overpriced Yuppie Coffee
  • Exploiters or "The Rich" - Employed or Land Owner
  • The Gun Lobby - NRA Members
  • Assault Weapon Fiscal Stimulus - Semi-Auto (Grandpas's M1 Carbine)
  • Same Sex Marriage - Legalized Perversion
  • Mandated Eco-Friendly Lighting - Chinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs
Naturally, Lichtenegger could not immediately be reached for comment. But her Facebook page shows she posted this "humor" Representative Charlie Davis and House Majority Leader Tim Jones' pages, she also posted it on the page of Representative Anne Zerr.
Jones and Zerr could not be reached for comment, but Davis said he did not realize Lichtenegger had posted it on his Facebook account until contacted by The Huffington Post, and added, "I can't help what other people post on things. I would not have posted it."
And though Charlie Davis removed the post from his page, he said that he believes Donna Lichtenegger posted it as a joke, though he has not discussed it with her. 
Cuz racism and homophobia are funny, you know.
Then Davis, who just can't stop talking, said Lichtenegger is allowed to post it under the First Amendment, though even I learned a loooooong time ago just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
And then Davis stated that he thought the assault-and-battery post was "silly" while the "arsenal of weapons" post " was funny." And he believes health care reform is socialized medicine.
Oh Missouri.
Your legislators are making jokes......of you, for electing them. And so, the ISBL Asshat of the Week goes to Donna Lichtenegger, the fool from Missouri.

via HuffPo


froggy said...

Interesting lexicon.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this bi. When Texas took federal tax dollars to make up for a $27 billion budget shortfall it could accurately be described as "the coerced theft of financial resources from an overpriced yuppie coffee sippin' criminal living in a high crime area"? I don't get the joke.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

There are times when a clever quip could brighten everyone's day, but there is only one word that describes this poor, fat and ugly little elected official. She's a cunt. Its that simple: cunt.

designing wally said...

Charmed, I'm sure....

www.DiatribesAndOvations.com said...

Hey ... it's not Tennessee.

Kyle Leach said...

Humor is always funny, until it is turned back on you. Not that she would care if someone did.