Thursday, November 17, 2011

Steve Kornacki Comes Out

Steve Kornacki, news editor for Salon, has come out as a gay man, in an article written for the site in which he explains the hows and the whys, as well as the why nots, of his coming to terms with being gay.
I’ve read stories from people who say they always knew they were attracted to the same sex, or that they figured it out at a young age. I’m not one of them. I had practically no idea until one night in my sophomore year of high school. I was at a basketball game, and the guys around me started pointing out cheerleaders from the other team they thought were hot. I began to wonder: Why wasn’t I looking at the cheerleaders that way? And why was I sometimes noticing the other team’s players instead? My heart rate quickened and my mind spun until a thought surfaced: This is what it means to be gay.
Even though we all go through our own process of coming to terms with being gay, we all have had that moment when we realize what it is we're feeling, and how that makes us different, and how we move on from there.
Kornacki went through all those emotions, from personal acceptance to professional denial, from keeping that secret to letting everyone know. From living in secret, and finding an online outlet, to embracing himself as a gay man. He went from telling himself he'd some out when...he was a love, until he realized he might never really have those things if he didn't come out first. 
I junked the old cop-out about waiting until I was in a relationship to come clean, and one by one I sat down with friends, family and co-workers and let them know the real story about me. Some conversations were quick, others were more involved, but all of them felt good. One buddy listened to me, cracked a few jokes, and then started talking about football. “You’re still going to be the Steve who’s obsessed with random teams, right?” he asked. Of course.
And that’s the point. This isn’t the start of some brand-new life. I actually like a lot about the one I already have. But now the fear and paranoia are gone. And my life can finally make sense to the people who matter to me.
Read the entire article, which might have penned by any gay man or woman coming to terms with their orientation. It's funny and sweet and a little heartbreaking.
But, in the end, Steve Kornacki came out, and for that he receives a copy of The Gay Agenda and the obligatory Coming Out Toaster Oven.
Welcome out, Steve, welcome out.

via Salon


froggy said...

You know this might be the beginning of a shortage of toaster ovens.

cum.lover said...

Thanks for the Steve Kornacki post! You've made my day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my "gosh"! What an incredibly BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING coming-out story! I'm nearly in tears reading your comments! THANK YOU, STEVE! I love your intelligence, your good looks, and your obvious self-confidence when you are on MSNBS. This third and last personal attribute, in my opinion, is the "golden key" that unlocks the treasure of supreme self-evolvement and self-fulfillment. Good for you, dear Steve! :-) From a distance, I have such a love of and respect for you! You go, boy! :-)

Anonymous said...

He is CUTE beyond belief.

Glad you are OUT. As a gay person now you can really be yourself without having to put up with anti-gay hate and face bigotry head on! Be yourself and you'll never look back.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Steve for a while now, and enjoyed his comments. For the life of me I don't understand why it had to be revealed that he is gay. What does that mean, should I listen to his commentary differently now? Unfortunately, it will change things, It forces one to think about something that is irrelevant. Too bad.

Anonymous said...


just what we need, another left wing

fag that has no clue whats going on

in the world. He will fit in just

fine at MSNBC with the rest of the

left wing nut jobs..

big, fat-head special Ed

Lawerence o'douchebago

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or that slobbering matthews

oh, and cant leave out the

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no wonder the left is nuts

Anonymous said...

Why does anybody care about this? Any male on PMSNBC is presumed gay (well, except maybe Ed Schultz), just like any right wing Republican homophobe is presumed closeted.

I would love to see a celebrity gay version of Mary Matlin and James Carville, like say Paul Ryan (too much of gym body to be completely straight) and Steve Kornacki maybe? They would make a cute couple.

Anonymous said...

IMHOI, the negative comments are the reason people don't come out. And, no, if someone is gay or not doesn't make a bit of difference. That's like saying, "Okay, gay reporters discuss style. Straight reporters discuss football." What difference should or does it make to a mature person who someone loves? Why does anyone care who a reporter sleeps with if they are 2 consenting adults? Really, the right gets so hung up on what's not really important. Mr. Kornacki, I admire you for being honest but it doesn't make a difference to me--unless you stop cheering for KSU football. THAT'S imopotant.

Anonymous said...

I love this smart,quick good looking wonderful guy.Anyone who is lucky enough to share intimacy with Steve would be a very satisfied fellow Intelligence is a turn on as well as his cute and charming masculine way.

A Schlickmann said...

Damn! Intelligent, eloquent, funny, 6'2" tall and manly, virile! Jesus! Sexy sweet smile, into football and an expert on politics History.

Sheila said...

I love Steve Kornacki - watched him do the stats for a year on msnbc. He brought his A game.
I thought he was gay and so glad to read that he is out!
Thanks for this, try to keep me up to speed, but it's not easy...:)

Toni said...

Very touching. Thank you for sharing.