Friday, November 04, 2011

Asshat Of The Week: Kathleen McKinley

Houston Chronicle columnist Kathleen McKinley is the latest addition to a long-line of ISBL asshats. And Ms. McKinley deserves the honor for her stance that gay kids should stay closeted so they don't get bullied, and that parents tell their LGBTQ children to stay in the the closet for their own safety:

Am I mad at the hateful mean kids who bully and tease these teens? You bet I am. But I am just as mad at the idiotic adults who force our adult views on kids, and pull them into our adult world long before they are mature enough to handle it. The 13 year old that killed himself told his Mom he was gay. She said she already knew and hugged him. She said she just assumed that everyone else would be as accepting as she was.Really? Have you been around teenagers? They are cruel and mean. They constantly tear each other down. It was bad when I was a teenager, I can only imagine what it’s like now. No, I don’t have to imagine how it is now. This is how it is now. Why in the world would you give teenagers a REASON to tease you? Oh, yes, because the adults tell you to embrace who you are, the only problem? Kids that age are just discovering who they are. They really have no idea yet.  The adults tell you to “come out,” when what we should be telling them is that sex is for adults, and there is plenty of time for figuring out that later.
Kathleen McKinley? 
You are a moron.
Blaming the victim and letting the aggressor off the hook? Telling someone to hide who they are because they are unrepentant bullies and asshats, such as yourself, out there.
How about writing to the parents of bullies and asking them to deal with their own children? To educate their children? To make sure their children grow up knowing that being gay is not a reason to physically, verbally or emotionally bully anyone?
For you blatant stupidity and ignoramce, Kathleen McKinley, you are hereby inducted to the ISBL Asshat Hall of Fame.
You can sit between Buchanan and Bachmann. Should be a cozy spot for you.

3 comments: said...

Another ignorant twit that thinks being gay is all about "sex". I've come to the conclusion that Texas has more than it's fair share of uppity know-it-all Christian white folks that have far too much access to keyboards.

In summary, what a stupid bitch.

Wonder Man said...

Great Hera, seriously?

designing wally said...

What a wonderful loving mother she'll be....
For some self-righteous, hate-filled bullies.