Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Musings....A Day Early Because Of The Holiday

I'm always looking for new recipes for Thanksgiving. Some work--like Carlos' fabulous homemade Cranberry Sauce--and others fail--like my attempt at Apple Walnut Stuffing.
So, this year, I'll be attempting a Goursqumpkin pie.
It's a gourd inside of a squash inside of a pumpkin. 
It's a lot like a turducken, only more stupid.
And I'm kidding.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and turkeys....
Rick Santorum said, at the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Iowa: "...the family is the bedrock of our society, unless we protect it with the institution of marriage, our country will fall."
Gay folks can bring about the downfall of society because we wanna say 'I do'?
Seriously, if we had that much power, we wouldn't have to fight for anything. We'd just threaten locusts and terrorism and more Kardashians.

With ratings at OWN in the toilet, and flushing fast, Oprah Winfrey has ended her ten-minute retirement from TV and will have her own show on her own network OWN. 

We had gay bookstores everywhere I've ever lived until we got to South Carolina. It wasn't a surprise, really, but it was different. So we were happy to find an OutWrite bookstore on a trip to Atlanta, and made a point of stopping in on our visits.
Now I hear that OutWrite is closing, probably the victim of the economy, the Kindle and the Nook, I think.
Saddens me. It was a great bookstore.

I 'get' that there are gay Republicans. Well, I don't 'get' it, but I know it.
Still, how can a gay person support someone who seeks to deny them any rights whatsoever? Santorum? Bachmann?
And Rick Perry who signed the Family Leader Marriage Pledge, which means he'll do anything and everything he can to fight against marriage equality.
I know there are gay folks who don't want traditional marriage, but, seriously, would you vote for anyone who wouldn't even give you the choice?


froggy said...

The Tradition of Mystery Pie continues here and, yes, for a smidgeon of time I thought you were serious. This year's Mystery Pie is called Crack Pie :-) I will post a picture and a link sometime this week.

S'A said...

I admit, you had me worried there for a minute with that pie thing! Happy Thanksgiving!

tamayn said...

I do miss cooking for Thanksgiving. I tried to reproduce it in France, but well, it wasn't the same. I did make apple crisp last night, which was wonderful, but it wasn't terribly seasonal. After all, how seasonal can merguez and pommes rissoles be. Tonight, I feel like I should at least have some turkey. But well, who knows.

Also, no one should threaten the world with more Kardashians. That's a violation of the Geneva Convention.