Thursday, November 03, 2011

Random Musings

Celebrities are just like regular folk, right?
Well, not if you're John Travolta, who had one of his representatives call a KFC in England and ask to reserve a table at the restaurant for her client.
The KFC employee, who turned down the request, did so because, well, it's KFC, for crying out loud, and he thought he was being pranked. He didn't realize that over-indulged stars think they deserve special, fast-food, treatment. 

Oh, look, Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce.
Color me surprised.
I mean, this fame-whore, and her fame-whoring family, sold themselves a wedding for millions, so why would anyone expect that they actually believed in marriage?
And, while the The Gays can't get married because that would just ruin marriage for everyone, the heteros can do it time and again, and sometimes just do it for the publicity and the cash. See, try as they might, playing the "I didn't make money on my wedding" bullshiz, when you get paid $17 million to sell your wedding to TV, you are making money.
Sidenote: Instead of returning the wedding gifts, Kim will donate them to charity. Nice? or tax write-off?

First he had no idea what the talk was about. Then he said he never paid off any women in response to allegations of sexual harassment. Then he said, well, maybe he remembered the allegations that he might have sexually harassed two women while head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Then he remembered, maybe, paying off the two women with packages “in the five-figure range.”
And now he, sort of, remembers one of the incidents, but, as far as the agreement with his accuser, Herman Cain, Mister Well-I-Never, Mister Well-Maybe, Mister I-Think, Mister I-Guess-I-Did, now says: "No. I don't recall signing it. Now, the fact that I say I don't recall signing it doesn't mean that I didn't sign it, but I simply don't recall if I signed it."
Yeah, real presidential.

After last week's non-suspenseful, planned by the producers finale of Project Runway, I stuck around--because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment--to watch Project Accessory.
Now, I simply cannot wait for it's sister show, the infinitely more exciting Project Watching Paint Dry,

That wacky GOP. They don't want to work with Obama on one single thing--quick, think of one thing the GOP has done since taking control of the House....I'll wait....time's up....No economic plans. No jobs bill. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Oh, but wait....The GOP controlled House is set to vote on a bill to make sure that the phrase “In God We Trust" stays put. 
Sponsored by Republican, of course, Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia, the measure would encourage public buildings, schools and government facilities to display the phrase.
Wow, that should employ millions, eh?


froggy said...

Someone said that Mr. Cain's statementS were positively Clintonian. I think Clinton feels insulted.

Mitch Block said...

I love your blog and you always say what I would like to say... and more (especially since I don't keep track of the Kardashians or Lindsey Lohan or John Travolta except when I'm here), but sometimes I read and just get so pissed off! And I know that's the point... I SHOULD be laughing!

Will said...

They sold Ms Kardashian a Marriage License when what she really needed was a Learner's Permit and more adult supervision.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'm holding out for Project Laundry.... then we can she how all that craptastic stuff they made on Project Runway holds up in the wash!

Anonymous said...

I like Miss Ginger Grant's idea.

"Project Accessory" is a gigantic mistake. And Molly Sims, bless her heart, clearly works from the exact same script as Heidi Klum. Don't hold your breath for Season Two.