Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Really?!?? Football Trumps Child Rape!?!

So...you're raped by an older man, a man you idolize, a man in whom you put your trust. But he takes that trust, and you, into a shower and does whatever he wants to do, and you're too terrified to make it stop. But you soldier on, and, one day, you find that strength and you come forward with your story of how Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulted you.
And the abuse continues.
The first alleged victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Jerry Sandusky has been forced to leave his school because his classmates were upset that his coming forward lead to the firing of Joe "Cover Up To Save My Ass" Paterno.
And no one at the school stood up to protect this young man from the people who taunted him and threatened him on a daily basis. And the boy's psychologist, Mike Gillum, said school officials did nothing to stop it.
Football. Child rape.
What is wrong with people today? How is it that football is more important than protecting children from pedophiles? Why didn't one of those bullies, or one of those school officials, stop and think of that young man, and what he'd been through and what he was going through, before they name-called, threatened, or simply stood by and watched.
Football? Really? I hope none of these bullies and school officials ever has a family member who comes forward after being raped, only to have people choose sports over the victim.
Walk a mile in the victim's shoes and see how it feels. 
Hell, walk a foot.



Sean said...

You know if didn't have a winning record they'd lock his ass up! And when they do, he'll know personally what all those children were subjected to.

froggy said...

I wish I could say this surprised me but it doesn't.

twunty mcslore said...

The only thing that could right these wrongs, the only thing that could trump child rape for me would be the rape of an old asshole pedophile. That might make me feel better for a bit.

Jim said...

Yea, it's weird that so many people think this guy is a sport "hero"... what a warped sense of morals some people have.

diatribesandovations.com said...

There's a reason they call them "sports fanatics". They become obsessed with winning at any cost.

Susan said...

This boy's mother says that the school bullies called her son "gay." So not only is football more important to these bullies than the longterm sexual abuse of their schoolmate, but the fact that the abuser was a man and the victim was a boy somehow makes the victim "gay" and that also is more important to these bullies than the simple and outrageous fact that their schoolmate was sexually abused repeatedly by Jerry Sandusky.