Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Architecture Wednesday: I Think I'll Stay Downstairs

I'm always impressed by those grand sweeping staircases in museums and statehouses, Tara. You kinda get that Hello Dolly feeling as you descend. And then we have the "floating" staircase, which makes staying on the ground floor the only option.
For me.
But still, you gotta give credit to the designers of these, um, monstrosities.

This monolithic floating staircase is made of metal as a part of the Steel house.

Inspired by rippling ribbon this staircase is constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal.
This sculptural floating staircase is made of 100mm thick steel and welded to a 250mm thick beam. It is 65 cm wide and it can support 200k.
This staircase is one solid piece of 1cm thick steel and weighs almost a ton. It had to be lifted into place by a crane through the window in the roof.
Beautiful, but I'll just stay downstairs.
courtesy of DigsDigs


froggy said...

When I was in grade school we lived in a house with an elevator. Was built for a man in a wheelchair. Us kids thought it was mega cool but parents kept it locked 99% of the time.

jadedj said...

As a designer I definitely appreciate these staircases. However, just looking at the photos makes me dizzy. Not sure I would want to use any of these on a regular basis.

R.J. said...

They look nice but there's no way I'm using a staircase without a handrail.

Anonymous said...

I'll take 'em all and pocket them!