Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Counselor Of Hate

Jennifer Keeton wanted to be a counselor, and took the appropriate courses at Augusta State University in Georgia, but school officials felt she could not effectively counsel others because she believes homosexuality is a choice. In fact, she believes it so strongly, she would take that stand both inside and outside her counseling classes, telling fellow students homosexuality is immoral and a choice.

She'd make a great counselor, huh?

Well, apparently the university thought not, because they asked Keeton to enroll in a remediation program, attend Atlanta Pride and submit papers to her tutors detailing how her views had changed so that she might have more reasonable and open-minded beliefs about LGBT people.

But Jennifer Keeton doesn't want to change. She wants to keep preaching what the Bible tells her, you know, not the King James version, but the God Hates Fags version. So Jennifer Keeton filed a LAWSUIT [Thanks to Will for noting my error =)] against the university claiming that it tried to make her change her anti-gay beliefs.

Jennifer Keeton says if she doesn't complete the sensitivity program, she risks being kicked out of the Counselor Education Program. But, when Keeton signed up, VOLUNTARILY, for the program, she knew that it followed the ethical standards of American School Counselor Association, which requires counselors "recognize and accept" cultural diversity and different points of view.

Um, unless they conflict with your narrow-minded, 2,00-year-old world view.

And so Jennifer Keeton doesn't think she needs to follow any rules unless they come from the Bible. I suggest she reread the Bible, and once she follows all of its tenets TO THE LETTER, then she can counsel people any way she chooses. See, one look at Jennifer Keeton and you know she doesn't do everything the Bible tells her.

Pay attention, Jennfier:


Will said...

Some copy appears to be missing:

So Jennifer Keeton filed a against the university

Filed a lawsuit? Filed a complaint? Filed a neatly typed hissy fit with triplicate copies?

Bob said...

Thanks Will.
I have replaced the missing wordage.
Any chance I could hire you as my proofreader?

froggy said...

I know when I went back to school for education degree I was surprised at the heavy social justice component. As a parent of three in the school system this was the first I'd heard of it. It is something that is not mentioned in all the take home stuff and in class parent night lectures.

Do I disagree with it. No. Do I find some of it troubling? Yup. I watched how some people were treated who didn't toe the line in grad school (the Mormons, the conservatives, the religious) and that bothered me. I don't believe in bullying anyone. Ever. It serves no purpose. And it wounds.

Somewhere a solution can be found.

robertga99 said...

Tell her to read Corinthians.
Paul(I believe) is writing to the Corinth church telling the women they should be "Godly" and to never cut their hair, no makeup , wear doilies on their head and to submit to their men. From the looks of her picture, I don't think she is following the Bible.

lbradshaw said...

This whole case makes me sick to my stomach. I'm in a counseling program myself, and I want to know how the HELL she thinks she is going to make it as a counselor if she is completely unwilling to at least recognize that some of her clients are not going to have the same beliefs as she does. How in the world did she think counseling was the right career fit for her?! Ugh.

Kyle said...

If she really wants to be a counselor(which I really doubt, she probably would like to fix people in her own image), she needs to get her head out of that space. Good counselors learn not to judge and learn how to work within the excepted frameworks of their chosen vocation.