Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Funny Papers

Marc Murphy, Jack Ohman, Darrin Bell, JD Crowe, Deb Milbrath, Mike Smith, Rick McKee, Bill Bramhall, Michael de Adder, Nick Anderson, Steve Sack, Ed Hall [3],Mike Luckovich, RJ Matson


Dave R said...

The last one says quite a lot if your belong to a minority party.

Travel said...

Mitch, the obstructionist in chief,

the dogs' mother said...


xoxo :-)

Frank said...

Yes, I used to obsess about him. What a relief it's been.

todd gunther said...

Yes, I also like this President, too! And he doesn't have to give me money to like him...but I won't turn it away either.

whkattk said...

The Dems are way too quick to kick someone to the curb. They should be more focused on getting rid of that disgusting pig in the wheelchair from N.C.

anne marie in philly said...


Steve Reed said...

I hope he's that effectively forgotten someday!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That first one says it all.

Bob said...

I like the suggestion that people are forgetting "him".

He really is the worst.

Indeed they are.

It's nice not to wake up and wonder what the so-called president did now.

I'll take the coins, too!

PREACH!! And take MTG and Boebert, too. Mitch, Ron Johnson, Kevin McCarthy .... on and on!

We need to stop that shiz right now!

Sadly, while he may go away--and jail would be good--he'll still have his supporters.

Those Catholics. Bless their hearts.

Mistress Maddie said...

I agree with Big. I hope we Dems have kept the back door shut. We are putting up with a lot of ignorant people who have widely made their stance and feelings known. We're too easy on them, and need to get backbone. Play by the book...yes but sometimes we need to get a bit more nasty. Or yet again will lose all three branches.

We have MANY dems getting ready to retire in both chambers....not good.

And they are being vicious with Biden on the border issues.

uptonking said...

The state of our country... sad. I can't even, today. Too sad.

Bob said...

Dems can be too nice, and want to play too fair, even when the other side doesn't.

All the more reason to stay vigilant ... and VOTE!