Thursday, March 11, 2021


The other night while watching The Voice, one of the contestants was called ‘charismatic’ and I said to Carlos:

“But does he have charisma, uniqueness,  nerve and talent?”


“RuPaul says he would need charisma, uniqueness,  nerve and talent.”

“What does that mean?”

“Drag race? RuPaul? Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent? What does that stand for?”

“C … U … what were the others?

“Oh for goddess’s sake. Cunt. It’s CUNT!!!!!!!”

“I sure hope the neighbors can’t hear you.”

Me, too.

Tuxedo wants y’all to remember that, not only is he saving lives with the vaccine roll-out, but he’s not running off in the middle of a pandemic to have a play date at our expense.

Joseph Chaplik, a first-term RepubliQAnon legislator from Scottsdale, Arizona, has persuaded the Arizona House to let businesses ignore mask mandates to stem COVID spread. His reasoning? Masks weren’t needed decades ago to stop the spread of AIDS—even though AIDS was not spread like COVID.

Seriously. This ignorant tool actually said HIV “was going to wipe our global destruction of human bodies with AIDS. We heard about that in the ’80s, yet no masks were required.”

Well, a mask of sorts was required, but they were called condoms and you wore them on your dick to protect you and your partner. And they helped slow the spread of HIV, just like a facemask helps slow the spread of COVID. But nothing, no mask, no face covering, no condom, will ever stop the spread of ignorance by the GQP, especially in Arizona where the legislation passed on a 31-28 party-line vote.

Police reforms have been slow, even after last years’ BLM protests against systemic racism and police  abuses of power following the murder of George Floyd, but the good news is that this week the House’s George Floyd Justice in Policing Act passed. The legislation overhauls qualified immunity for police officers, bans chokeholds at the federal level, prohibits no-knock warrants in federal drug cases and outlaws racial profiling.

Noting the thirty years since Rodney King was brutally beaten by the LAPD, House Judicial Chair Jerrold Nadler said:

“Since George Floyd was murdered a year ago, there have been over 100 officer-involved shootings, there have been numerous examples of officers not being charged.”

And yet police unions are fighting to keep the qualified immunity protections that make it almost impossible to prosecute these crimes.

It’s a step, and the first of many.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, after a week of saying that President Biden is allowing COVID-infected immigrants to enter this country, has actually refused help from the federal government to give coronavirus testing to migrants before they are released from federal custody.

So, who is really at fault here? Greg Abbot. Q.

There is mothing prettier than a fine ass, and this here is one of the finest I’ve seen in a long time. It belongs to model Michael Yerger.

That’s the post …well, unless you need more and then here it is:

Years back Carlos and I bought two corner chairs; that’s one up there. And over the last decade or more, one of the cats, who shall remain nameless …Miss Consuelo Roca Jones … has clawed the back corner of each one. And she is so sly, waiting until we are asleep, at which point she slithers into the living room and attacks the furnishings.

Last fall we decided to reupholster the chairs and searched for fabrics. As they are corner chairs and “float” in the living room, I wanted a different fabric on the back and we found a cool kind of mid—century textile. Then came the second guessing and the idea that the chairs will look a little Marriott Hotel Lobby.

Cut to February and I bit the bullet and bought the fabric and the chairs came back yesterday looking just so cool. Plus, they’re covered in velvet so the Cat Scratcher™ isn’t tempted by a nubby fabric.

Georgia? While the country thanks you for voting into office both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, we’re still kinda miffed that you voted for QAnon nutbag, and apparent full-blown idiot, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

You see, this week, Greene [Q-GA] raised a fuss about foreign nations that receive American tax dollars and in that group, she included the US territory of Guam:

“We believe our hard-earned tax dollars should just go for America. Not for, what? China, Russia, the Middle East, Guam, whatever, wherever.”

Greene apparently doesn’t know that people born in Guam are US citizens cuz she’s that stupid.

Matt Benedetto is a product designer from Burlington, Vermont and he has decided that the world needs Croc Underwear.

Well, to be fair, and to avoid a lawsuit, he has dubbed these hideous rubber-looking, diaper-things, Gator Briefs.

Anyway you say it, it’s an assault and I will be seeking to file charges as I cannot ever unsee this.

Merrick Garland has been confirmed as United States Attorney General nearly five years after his nomination to SCOTUS was blocked by Moscow Mitch. Garland will be fully investigating the insurrection at the capitol, including any and all members of Congress who may have helped the rioters.

Josh? Ted? Lauren? Marge? That includes you.

Lastly, Francisco Henriques, a tall dreamy curly headed hottie from Lisbon, Portugal.

He seems to be able to do angelic to nekkid hottie to underwear hottie to rock star oozing sex appeal hotties. And I’m fine with that!


Mistress Maddie said...


NO MORE FUCKING CROCS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! What's this man's address Bob? I have a few icicles with his name on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chair looks great! Yu did good. I remember you featured them before. I love the idea of corner chairs. And I love me some velvet. Bravo!

Marjorie Taylor Green, Abbott and this Joseph Chaplik. I may not be gynecologists, but I know CUNTS when I when I see them.

And send over Michael Yerger. His underwear would look nice hanging from my canopy over the bed.......

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
(Merrick Garland)
Bestest of days for
you all, xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

Stupidity amongst right-wing politicians doesn't stop at the west shore of the Atlantic; it's over this side of the pond too. The Tory candidate for mayor of London says that the homeless should be saving up for a mortgage! Says it all really.

Don't worry about how upset our "beloved" queen is about the "tall" tales set about by Meghan and Harry - she's got herself another couple of corgis (ghastly dogs), so she hasn't really lost a grandson, she's made two new friends! I do think, despite words to the contrary, that it might just be Phil da Greek who was concerned about skin colour; otherwise my bet is on the future Queen Horse Face.

anne marie in philly said...

the croc undies are an abomination unto the lard!

tuxedo is one smart cat!

DAT ASS! reminds me of maddie's...

ALL rethugs are fucking stupid and should be investigated for crimes against america! go get 'em, merrick!

Dave R said...

Those Q heretics are everywhere, aren't they, and everyone of them is as dumb as a brick. Wait, that's an insult to bricks.

And just what does Michael Yerger do? Sit in your brand new chairs? If he does, take pictures.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the fabric you chose for your corner chairs!

Deedles said...

I know that there are other items here but I don't know what they are. I got distracted. That butt! Let the quarter bouncing begin!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Hahahaha I knew Maddie was gonna be all over the Crocs. LMAOOO
Oh, I've missed her.
Now, tix to Portugal, HUNNY! That is a very, very handsome man. The only thing that took me away from his photos was Michael's badonkadonk. Love me a meaty ass.

Now, the neverending fuckery of the RepubliQanons (stealing that)has got to my last nerve. The posturing, the martyrdom, the stupidity!

And I absolutely love your chairs. LOVE THEM! (don't tell Consuelo).

LOL @ Carlos. Not a dull moment, huh?


Moving with Mitchell said...

Carlos=San Geraldo. No denying it. That would be the identical conversation in our house.

Croc underwear. But why?

I saw THREE Michael Yerger butts running the Paseo today. They weren't together. But they all wore skin-tight Lycra that hug those muscles perfectly. They were so unbelievably perfect, it was depressing!

Treaders said...

Love those chairs - sir you have exquisite taste. Francisco has exquisite eyes - and you're just horrible to Carlos!

Bob said...

I knew the crocs would freak you, and then as underwear? Oh. Hell. No.
Luckily Michael Yerger and that ass, and everything else, made up for it!

So great to see Merrick Garland get that position. Now, go after the GQPers.

I think it was Charles, especially since Harry says the two haven't spoken in quite awhile.

Seriously. Croc undies???
Even Yerger's ass couldn't save them.

Michael Yerger can park that ass anywhere he wants in my house!

I second guessed myself for a hot minute, but seeing the finished product I'm glad we stuck to our fabric guns!

That ass is quite the ... wait, what? Where was I?

Yes, Maddie is right about anything croc.
Consuelo has been warned about the chairs. Seriously. Warned.

Not just because big plastic croc shaped diaper underwear would be ill fitting, but look at the difference between those and Michael Yerger's delicious briefs!!
If I saw Yerger butts I'd followed 'em as far as I could go!

Thank you.
He does.
I am. =)

uptonking said...

Dan Rather... come out, come out... we know where you are. :) What a sly one..

Francisco? Does that model come with fur? He's lovely, but... meh.

Garland... please go after Lindsey and Mitch. Just for old times sake. Pleeeeze?

Gator Briefs... why on earth? For what purpose? Five seconds of shame?

Greene / Chapstick, er, ummm... lick. The stupidity is astounding. This is why one should have to pass a rudimentary exam in order to govern. Seriously? How do these people survive? Chaplik? That's offensive. Totally offensive.

Love your chairs. You have some good taste! Makes me want to see more of Carlos. :)

Greg Abbott... I am trying to figure out exactly what the heck he is up to. It's like he's begging for military intervention. The man continues to make the stupidest choices.

Police unions have a purpose... but it should not be to keep cops from being held accountable. Cops don't want anyone telling them how to do their job. They are like doctors, but no accountability.

Tux... one smart pussy.

Carlos... one smart... remark, mister and you are going to sit in the corner!

Thanks for the feed. Love it. Kizzes.

Bob said...

Wouldn't it be nice for Merrick Garland to find something on Miss Lindsey and Moscow Mitch?
I, too, am loving the chairs after some worry about the print.
While I am the funny one in this pairing, every so often Carlos gets a good one and it makes my day!

It's Just Jake said...

Bob: they’re covered in velvet so the Cat Scratcher™ isn’t tempted by a nubby fabric.
Miss Consuelo Roca Jones: Challenge Accepted...

Ciao Francisco... (yea I don't speak Portugues)

Dan Rather remembers because he was there! He may be the oldest person on the planet, after Betty White?

Bob said...

We are also armed with a plant-based cat scratch repellent that should keep the little bitch, er, angel, away.
Dan was Betty's high school prom date!

Bohemian said...

Love the Chairs... the other Eye Candy too... Hate all ReTrumpliQaNon Types... and cannot unsee that Croc Diaper *Gak*!

Travel said...

Love the chairs, nice contrast between the perfect ass and the rubber abomination, beauty and the beast.

Bob said...

There was some pretty and some really pretty and some eye-gouging things in here today!

"the perfect ass and the rubber abomination"
Thanks for my first laugh of the day!