Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Coyote Camp

Yes, it’s small, but oh the outdoor space you get with it; and the proximity to wine country,

Coyote Camp is a  cozy one room cabin of 640 square feet that sits on a remote property in Sonoma County, California. Doors closed, it resembles a barn; doors open—on both sides of the one-room space—and the outdoors is yours,

The single room is divided by screens that shield the kitchen on one side and the bedroom on the other; a bathroom is accessed through the bedroom. The exterior cladding is redwood milled from a reclaimed water tank while the roof is rusted steel. The interior walls are re-sawn Douglas fir with concrete floors and a floating sheetrock ceiling.

It's amazingly simple, and oh so peaceful.

In addition to the cabin there is an extensive flower and vegetable garden flanked by a bath shed and a sleeping shed, ideal for guests. And then there’s the copper hot tub with views to the valley.

All it needs, for me, is a separate wine storage cabin and I am all in.

One Kind Design


the dogs' mother said...

Wow! The owners must really
enjoy it. Loves the dogs, of course.
:-) xoxo

anne marie in philly said...

only 1 drawback - it's in fire country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anne Marie, but the Sonoma countryside is where my soul is at home. Fortunately this is way beyond my budget, so I remain content with occasional day trips.

Will Jay

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh those gardens. The place has charm and I like that it's not a mega-mansion or McMansion. Bedroom and kitchen are beautiful. Main area needs some inspiration. I might get claustrophobic in that bed, however, with the wall of books looming. Also, it's earthquake country. I wouldn't sleep beneath a wall of books. Everything contained on those shelves should be restrained somehow.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

This would be perfect as a home for me almost anywhere. I love the super high ceilings. And that bathroom!!


Travel said...

A little small, NICE kitchen.

VRCooper said...

When can I move in...I have been thinking about a little place just like this...Just enough to stretch out in...And be away from all the chaos...This would work perfectly...Just make sure I have wifi and I am set...I always thought somewhere like this about an hour or so from a major city...All the things I need in the little place...But I need closet space...Not because I am a clothes whore but I hate clutter...