Friday, February 27, 2015

The Texas GOP Had A "Hate Party"

If you didn’t think the GOP hates The Gays, think on this:

This past Tuesday, a bunch of anti-gay elected officials in Texas celebrated … celebrated … the anniversary of the state's same-sex marriage ban by cutting into a Hate Cake topped by pink frosting that reads: "10th Anniversary of 2005 Marriage Act."

Yes, they held a party to cheer discrimination.

Now, if you didn’t think the GOP was a party full of idiots, think on this:

Their little celebration was premature because Texas’ same-sex marriage ban won't be a decade old till November 8. 

If it lives that long.

And, if you think, Well, this is just the Texas GOP, think on this:

Not one member of the GOP anywhere called this a ridiculous act.

Doing nothing says volumes.


the dogs' mother said...

At least they found a baker... sigh.

Professor Chaos said...

Correction: The Texas GOP IS a hate party.

Professor Chaos said...

Also, what's with the hands coming into the left of the frame? Are they doing the weird Evangelical hands-blessing thing, or is that a "seig-heil" salute?

jadedj said...

Assholes! Let them eat cake. The blimp with the knife looks as if he's been practicing this cake eating thing for several days prior.

Professor Chaos...good catch...seig-heil it is...with God's blessing, of course.