Tuesday, February 24, 2015

South Carolina? If You Were A Man, I'd Kiss You

I know it’s a very conservative state, a very religious state, a very Republican state, but every so often, South Carolina, you make me proud.

There’s a new poll out that shows that South Carolinians have gone on with their lives after marriage equality came to the state like it just doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect them and doesn’t bother them.

According to the Human Rights Campaign [HRC]:
South Carolina has had marriage equality on the books since November, and voters are doing just fine, according to a recent Public Policy Polling report. In fact, 60 percent of South Carolina voters reported that the legalization of marriage equality in the state has not negatively impacted on their lives.”
No one’s dies from marriage equality; the sky didn’t fall; the rain didn’t spoil the rhubarb. We're just carrying on as usual.

Who’da thunk it?


the dogs' mother said...

That's important there about the rhubarb. Our rhubarb is doing fine also.

anne marie in philly said...

NO STATE has "suffered" after legislating same-sex marriage into being a civil right. the holdout states are asshats.

c'mon SCOTUS - make it legal EVERYWHERE!

Mark in DE said...

Who'da thunk it indeed!!

Wonder Man said...

Time for SCOTUS to act