Friday, February 06, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

Colin Farrell, on the size of his friend Ewan McGregor's penis:

"I don't think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would — or should — or could be. I think that's the greatest demonstration of his innate humility, that he doesn't wear it like a badge of honor."

Just the idea of sitting around chatting penis size with Colin Farrell — who need not worry about the issue — would be a fun way to spend an afternoon! I’ve seen Colin’s package and, well, yeah, he ain't got nothing to be ashamed of!
Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live, scolding the Beverly Hills Housewives for the way they refer to their gay friends:

"Even though some of your friends might be gay which is great, they are not 'yours'. You do not own them. We are not cattle. We are not purses. And the next time you feel like saying 'my gays' replace it with 'my blacks' and see how that turns out!"

Bravo, no pun intended, Andy.
I, too, Heard that on the show this week and thought, “Wait! I’m an accessory for a self-indulgent rich bitch?”
Marco Rubio, anti-gay Republican Senator from Florida, on the federal government's monitoring of private citizens in the name of fighting terrorism:

"This year, a new Republican majority in both houses of Congress will have to extend current authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and I urge my colleagues to consider a permanent extension of the counterterrorism tools our intelligence community relies on to keep the American people safe."

Typical Republican.
Be on the lookout for “them.”
Jared Polis, openly gay Democratic Congressman from Colorado, calling on the US Intelligence Community to begin twenty-four hour per day monitoring of Marco Rubio:

"If Senator Rubio believes that millions of innocent Americans should be subject to intrusive and unconstitutional government surveillance, surely he would have no objections to the government monitoring his own actions and conversations. Senator Rubio is asking for American technology companies to ‘cooperate with authorities,’ so I believe he will have no objection to authorities being given access to his electronic correspondence and metadata.  Maybe after his 2016 strategy documents are accidentally caught up in a government data grab, he’ll rethink the use of mass surveillance."

Polis is on to something; if the GOP wants to keep tabs on everyone, and access all their info, let’s start with the GOP.
Madonna, instructing an interviewer that she'll make him shoot tequila if he asks her dumb question:

"If you ask me a stupid question, and I'm going to be the judge of that, you're going to drink a shot of tequila. If you ask me an amazing question that sets my world on fire, I'm going to drink a shot of tequila."

I think maybe she tried to get the guy drunk so he’d spin a positive review of her last album … which is sinking faster than Kathy Bates on a life raft in a cold Atlantic sea.
James Franco, tooting his own horn, again:

“Lee Daniels says that gay rights are the civil rights of our era, so I like doing a movie like Milk or Interior Leather Bar where I can bring themes and ideas I've been engaged with, and do it in such a way that those ideas are pulled into the mainstream more. I feel like that's my place: I can in some ways lend myself and say that these are important issues of equal rights, though on the other hand, I'm very much about preserving this queer kind of space of defying identity and defying labels. I think there are a lot of those themes in this movie as well.”

James Franco doesn’t do anything for any other reason than to attract attention to James Franco.
‘Nuff said.


the dogs' mother said...

Abby is waiting for drones to show up looking in the windows.

Ron said...

Yet another excellent post Bob! James Flacko, yeah, Obama got it right when he referred to France as "Flacko" because James is quite impressed with himself. And this buddy buddy inside joke thing with BFF Seth Rogan is getting real old. Go away Jame Flacko.
Maddona, there's another one. It's over Madge.
Rubio? It never happened. Talk about someone in over their head. Rubio sealed his fate forever with that quickie drinkie poo when he trap was drying up. Too many lies Marco will do that to your mouth. Dry as cotton.
And don't you just LOVE Andy Cohen. Sweet man that he is.

Anonymous said...

What is up with Colin's double earrings? I thought his brother was supposed to be the gay one.

Kathy Griffin has been asking "Where are my gays at?" in her shows for years. Personally, I'm not offended. I think it indicates a feeling of solidarity, not ownership. I hope Kathy does a riff on Andy in her next show.

Blobby said...

when is Fanco just going to come out? it's not like i'm pining for him or anything, but he just seems SO gay.

Helen Lashbrook said...

So what did Franco actually mean? I read that excerpt and understood the individual words, but without understanding the overall meaning. It's almost as if he's spouting words randomly generated on an autocue; or is it just me?

Happy Noodle Girl said...

James Franco was "Franco" - a deranged serial murderer artist on General Hospital (now reinvented and recast). Some of his best acting I think. He should go back to daytime.