Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Butterfly House

When the clients visited the site of their future home, they were amazed at all the butterflies visiting the area; amazed, and inspired. Thankfully the suite wasn’t overrun by gophers or else we’d have an entirely different home this week.

But the architect took the butterfly inspiration and created a home divided into three smaller pavilions, each capped by a winged roof.

And each pavilion has a separate function: the central pavilion houses the main living room, dining room, kitchen and office nook, while one other pavilion houses two bedrooms, bathrooms and a relaxation area, and the third pavilion holds the master suite.

Each pavilion is not particular large, but each open to terraces and views which expand the space exponentially. The butterfly roofs bring in views of the surrounding hills, bring the outdoors in, and also harvest rainwater. Each roof funnels water onto to a rain chain fountain and into landscape collection pools, which then gather it into cisterns where it is stored and used to irrigate the landscape. In addition, the pavilions were sited to allow water to flow under the office bridge and for storm water to seep slowly into the ground in the main courtyard.

It really is perfect for butterflies.


Mistress Maddie said...

While this is pretty modern, I couldn't live there, a bit to clinical inside, bit do like the clean feel to it. And really appreciate the architects concept of the reason for the design.....butterflies!

Bob said...

It is a little prison chic, but I love the views!