Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SC GOP Lawmaker Tom Corbin Is A Misogynistic Moron

I wasn’t sure where to file this particular story … In South Carolina, It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Stupidity. Perhaps. The Height of Stupidity … Fits there, too. The GOP Hates Women; yup. Asshat of the Week; works for me.

But then I decided it fits in every category of misogynistic Republicans saying stupid things and then trying to walk it back as some kind of joke because anti-women jokes are funny, right?

This all started when the South Carolina :::sigh::: State House Senate judiciary committee gathered at a steakhouse near their offices to discuss a Criminal Domestic Violence [CDV] bill and, while waiting for dinner to be served, South Carolina Senators Tom Corbin and Katrina Shealy got into a little argument.

The exchange occurred after they disagreed on the gun provision of the CDV bill, which is aimed at curbing domestic violence. The provision in question seeks to prevent domestic abusers from having easy access to guns. Under the proposal, those under protective orders could not possess a gun, and those convicted of domestic violence could not possess a gun for a decade after their sentence is served. Corbin said he supports other parts of the bill but believes a restraining order is no reason to take away someone's Second Amendment rights; you know, because someone is threatened and fears for their life is no reason to take a man’s gun away.

Not even when you realize that South Carolina ranks Number Two in the entire nation in violence against women, and most domestic violence deaths involve guns. Still, as arguments do, this one got a little heated, and Shealy is reported to have asked Corbin where he “got off” attacking women and Corbin replied:
“Well, you know God created man first. Then he took the rib out of man to make woman.  And you know, a rib is a lesser cut of meat.”
Yes. He did. Then, apparently, Shealy got in Corbin’s face … how dare she, she’s a woman! … and that was when their colleagues thought they might have to hold her back; personally, I would have let her have a go at him.

Still, you might think she’s a little sensitive, you know, being a woman and all … they’re so emotional … but let’s be clear that Shealy is the only female member of the South Carolina Senate and has endured Corbin saying things to her like:
 “I see it only took me two years to get you wearing shoes.
And she has heard Corbin also claim that women don’t belong in the Senate, they belong “at home baking cookies” or “barefoot and pregnant.”

Gosh, there is nothing as funny as a joke as old as the hills, or the hillbilly who utters it. Of course, that Good Old Boys club of South Carolina Senators rushed to Corbin’s defense, saying it was all in good fun and just a joke and Corbin was kidding and … and … and …

Except Katrina Shealy, the target of the jokes, doesn’t find them funny, and has apparently, repeatedly, asked Corbin to stop, though, naturally, he says he can’t recall her ever asking because he doesn’t believe women have anything worthwhile to say so he never listens to them; he does seem to recall that she's teased him about being overweight and bald but:
"If it bothers her, I'll quit joking around with her."
See, calling her “less than’ is a joke, and an ongoing one at that, for the likes of Tom Corbin, but he wants y’all to know that she’s just as to blame … or something:
"She stuck a knife in my back because we're at odds over this [CDV] bill [and] she's trying to make me out to be a woman-hater."
No, Tom, the only one who makes you look like a woman-hater is you, though I don’t think you’re afraid of women, I think you’re afraid of smart women because they make you look like a knuckle-dragging, cave-dwelling, one-brain-celled Neanderthal.

Like I said, this particular story fits so many categories …
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Raybeard said...

Oh dear oh dear! So it's handbags at dawn then, is it?

the dogs' mother said...

I'm kind of agog. I remember working with such men in my 20s but thought they had all gone to their *reward* by now. Or at least retired and grumbling in their rocking chairs.

anne marie in philly said...

"a lesser cut of meat" - bring that asshat up here and we philly girls will show him what we're made of (and it ain't meat)! we would pummel this neanderthal back to the stone age with our fists/feet!