Monday, April 06, 2015

Why Bobby Jindal Will Never Be President: Reason # 46297

Bobby Jindal, Republican, of course, Louisiana governor and Tea Party dingbat has no problem with private businesses denying services to same-sex couples because he’s “uncomfortable” with providing nondiscrimination protections to LGBT Americans because, well, gay.
"I don't think, certainly, that there should be discrimination against anybody in housing and employment. That's not what my faith teaches me. I don't think that's appropriate, and I think the good news is that our society is moving in a direction of more tolerance. My concern about creating special legal protections is that historically, our country, we've only done that in extraordinary circumstances, and it's not evident to me — it doesn't appear to be one of those moments today."
First off: STFU you moron.

Secondly, what exactly is the “special right” given to me by allowing me to eat at a certain restaurant or order a cake or flowers? That’s just me going about my daily life; it’s not special, asshat, it’s just life.

But Bobby the Asshat and Dingbat says he firmly believes bakers, florists and other businesses should be allowed to deny goods and services to same-sex couples looking to get married:
"If it is a sincerely held religious belief that it offends the owner's beliefs to participate in that wedding ceremony, absolutely. I don't think the government should be able to force somebody to contradict their own sincerely held religious beliefs to participate in a wedding ceremony, and that used to be a bipartisan consensus."
First off: STFU.

Secondly, by walking into a florist or a bakery or a dress shop or tuxedo shop, I am not asking the proprietor to participate in my wedding. I am asking them to do the job for which they opened their business in exchange for cash. Stop acting like these bigot bakers and fascist florist are being asked to condone my wedding. I don’t give a flying f**k if they condone it or not, it’s none of their business, just like it’s none of my business to whom they are married, or will marry.

Oh, and Bobby Jindal, there are a great many religious folks in this country who believe that being a Muslim, and practicing the Muslim faith, is wrong, so do we decide now that if you, Bobby Jindal, were to walk into a business looking like maybe you could be Muslim, that it’s just fine for you to be discriminated against because the shop owner has a deeply personal religious faith that says you’re a terrorist.

Or, is it just The Gays who can be discriminated again.

PS The rant about Muslims being terrorists in no way reflects my own personal viewpoint. I don’t believe Muslims are terrorists, I believe terrorists are terrorists. I don’t believe that because you might look Middle Eastern automatically makes you Muslim and a terrorist; I believe the fact that maybe you look Middle Easter means you might have a Middle Eastern heritage.

Now, again, Bobby Jindal, STFU.
story via HuffPo
photo via Raw Story


anne marie in philly said...

hey bobby, I bet if someone did NOT sell you flowers or a cake, or told you you could NOT eat at a certain restaurant, or made you sit at the BACK of the bus, I bet your ass would be firing off lawsuits right and left against those businesses.

so STFU! discrimination is real, it's happening everywhere in murrica, and it needs to go away NOW!

the dogs' mother said...

Local florist up to $106,446.

Friend and I are thinking that this might be a good retirement gig for those who have not planned ahead.

BloggerJoe said...

I just read (and I'm not certain if it was a joke or not) that Jindal wants Phil Robertson (duck dynasty guy) to be his running mate.

Professor Chaos said...

Bobby Jindal is a joke. How anyone ever thought he could be a contender is beyond me.

viktor kerney said...

yep. he's a loser

Sadie J said...

The Dog's Mother, I'm thinking the same thing. I'll bet any gofundme accounts I set up won't do as well-- I just can't be hateful enough to draw that kind of attention!

Raybeard said...

I didn't know of this guy at all but it looks like his face is starting to melt. Let's hope someone tells him (or maybe not).