Thursday, April 30, 2015

Minute Rant: Ted Cruz and the Hymens

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican of course, because they like sticking their noses into a woman’s privates,  and the leader of the Senate Subcommittee on Science, once insinuated that women can’t be trusted to stay faithful to men, and so he wondered about giving them a hymen that grows back.

The New York Times is telling stories of Cruz’ days on his college debate team and, in one failed attempt at humor, because he must have been joking, he said if women’s hymens  could grow back, men could keep better track of who they were sleeping with:

“Mr. Cruz’s own attempts at humor sometimes missed the mark. In one debate, he proposed a method to detect infidelity, in which God should “give women a hymen that grows back every time she has intercourse with a different guy, because that will be a ‘visible sign’ of the breach of trust.”

Sure, maybe it was a joke, an attempt at debate humor, or maybe it was Little Ted Cruz’s first foray into Republican politics and the idea that men should control women and their reproductive organs and their sexuality.

I mean, he made no mention of how a woman could keep track of whether or not her man has been faithful.

Ted Cruz … for President?


spider-kev said...

no....Ted Cruz....for D.C. garbage man....cuz that's about all he's qualified far.

Susan said...

Every time this man opens his mouth I cringe. Didn't realize how young he was when he first became an unrepentant jerk!

the dogs' mother said...

um, er, gobsmaked!

anne marie in philly said...

this asshat needs to have his lips sealed with crazy glue! and then be bitch-slapped and ass-kicked!

Biki Honko said...

What a horrid little man.

Helen Lashbrook said...

In return God could fix it so that every time a man was unfaithful his penis falls off? Superglue anyone?