Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Masseria Constanza

The Masseria belongs to the siblings Costanza Messina, Corrado Messina, Nicola Messina and Giulia Messina and has been in their family for hundreds of years, ever since it was acquired by their ancestor, Corrado Calogero Rizzuto, in the late 1700s; it was passed on to his daughters Costanza and Vicenzina and, finally, to the grandmother of the current owner, Costanza Falbo, though before being acquired by Corrado Calogero Rizzuto it was part of the Nicolaci domain, owned by the Prince of Noto.

And yet, before becoming a Masseria — a fortified farm house or country house — linked to the farms of a wealthy Sicilian family, the building had many other purposes.

The original structure dates back to 1200; the tower stands directly opposite the Masseria and, due to its strategic position on elevated ground, was ideal for defense purposes. And throughout the remaining centuries it is believed that the structure was used for various purposes, from a fort in medieval times to a Masseria linked to the agricultural activities that developed in the 1700s and 1800s in Sicily.

The restoration work on the Masseria began in 2012 and was completed a year later, with the focus being to maintain the architectural elements of the original building; which is why you will find, alongside other items of furniture, the palmento — where grapes were processed into wine — which is now a room for board games, reading and siestas; in addition, the Masseria still contains the macina — a wheel historically pushed by donkeys in the production of oil. All those ancient architectural elements have been perfectly inserted into a contemporary living space with an aim toward combing nature, culture, tradition and modernity in such a way that would preserve the essence of a truly special and unique place to live with all the modern comforts, but also with that distinct Mediterranean feel of being ‘timeless’.

It’s a palace and a fortress and a farmhouse.

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mistress maddie said...

I'm pack and ready to go......when I first show this I though game of thrones! My favorite part? That spectacular dinning room!!!!!!! Very luxurious.

Bob Slatten said...

I know, I'm loving that dining room!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Didn't they find a mafia don hidden under that crusher?

Do they cart those grand pianos around from house to house? Or are they just a fashionable accessory these days?