Thursday, April 23, 2015

Minute Rant: Two Liars, Sittin' Around, Talkin'

So Mike Huckabee, soon-to-be failed presidential candidate again, and Brian Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association Hate Group, were sittin’ around, talkin’ about The Gays because they just love spending time together talking about us.

Huckabee, who last week announced that he will announce he’s running for president next month … let that tidbit of stupidity sink in … believes that the Obama administration has “an open hostility toward the Christian faith,” and urged prospective military recruits to wait until the end of President Obama’s term to enlist:
"When you have a president whose administration orders its chaplains to put its Bibles away, not to pray in Jesus name, not to counsel people on the issues of sexual morality; when you have this attitude that is more about promoting gay marriage and gay rights in the military than it is about being able to protect religious liberty for those people of faith, it’s going to be hard to find people that are truly devoted people of faith and Christian believers and Orthodox Jews and others.”
Then Fischer, not to be outdone in the Ridiculousness, threw in his two cents … though I think that’s a high price to pay for his crazy:
"The reason the morale is low in the military is because it's become a giant, social engineering laboratory and values that are absolutely contrary to the military ethos, to the military culture, are being forced on members of the military - crammed down their throats whether they like it or not." 
Bryan does love to talk about The Gays and cramming things down people’s throats; he really should just come out already.

And Mike Huckabee, who has a direct line to Jesus, apparently, should just go away.

The time for LGBT hate as a campaign platform are ending.


viktor kerney said...

he has no chance

the dogs' mother said...

Announced to announce. Good grief.

Ron said...

Huckabee is all about keeping his name publicized so he can renew his Fox gig.

Biki Honko said...

Will he just go away already? How about if we all turned on backs on him, would he leave then?