Monday, April 20, 2015

Minute Rant: Blister Palin

Okay … maybe  more than  a minute rant …

I used to think it was a toss-up as to which woman was the worst mother ever; I mean, was it That Woman, who sold her own daughter’s private porn tape. Or is it Mama Grizzly Bore™, that self-righteous, illiterate prig who could have, I shudder, been a heartbeat away from being President of the United States?

Well, for today, I’m saying it’s the MGB™ because of the way her eldest daughter, Blister, er, Bristol, er, I was right the first time, turned out.

You remember Blister, who got knocked up by Levi Johnston while her mother — before she quit being governor of Alaska because it was too hard — was all about the abstinence? Blister, who later on admitted that she was a drunken high school girl when she banged Levi.

That Blister; the Blister who is now engaged to Medal of Honor soldier, Dakota Meyer. The Blister who is now living with Meyer without benefit of marriage … which is not really a big deal except …

The Blister who cashed a huge paycheck from the Candie’s Foundation for being their, ahem, cough, choke, “Ambassador for Abstinence”.

Yes, the Abstinence Queen, who cashed a paycheck for telling young girls to abstain from having sex until they were married — advice she never took form her own mother — is living in sin … again … because this isn’t the first time Blister has done the shacking up with a boyfriend, fiancé or f**k-buddy.

Sidenote: The Candie’s Foundation] was able to find a paltry $35,000 to grant to charities from the $1,242,476 it received in public donations for their campaign, while they also managed to pay Blister Palin $262,500 to promote an abstinence only campaign.

A quarter of a million dollars for a girl who got knocked up in high school and has lived with more than a handful of her suitors — like the guy named Gino with whom she was in what she called a ‘trial marriage’ which I think means all sex, all the time — in what I would guess is a strictly non-abstinence only household.

In addition, while telling young girls to stay away from sex, while she was obviously having sex with the aforementioned Gino, and collecting $262,000 from Candies, Blister sued Baby Daddy Levi for $1750 per month in child support before getting enegaged to him again and before she broke up with him  again right after she got a job on Dancing with the Stars for a $350,000 paycheck.

Then again, last year when, I assume, the DWTS money was all gone, Blister once again sued Levi for child support claiming she had zero income, even though she'd said in an interview with ABC that she worked at a dermatologist’s office.

See what I mean; the worst mother in the world isn’t the mother who found her daughter’s homemade sex tape and took it to an adult video producer and sold it to finance a career for herself and her children.

The worst mother in the world is the one who talked about abstinence only, and raised her daughter abstinence only, until her daughter got knocked up and because an Ambassador for Abstinence while living with at least two, maybe more, boyfriends. The mother who raised the daughter to collect money while lying ... and lying flat on her back; to sue for child support, saying she makes no money, and then drop the suit when she gets a TV gig.

Congratulations Mama Grizzly Bore™. You will never be President — not even of the Wasilla PTA — but you’re possibly the Worst Mother in the World … until Blister’s children grow up and then we’ll revisit the title.
source: Wonkette


the dogs' mother said...

oh dear - someone needs an irony meter installed.

Susan said...

Great post, Bob. Your final comment about Blister was what I was thinking the entire time. :-)

Robb Delman said... quote Keith Partridge: I think I love You.

anne marie in philly said...

OMB, this family is so screwed up it would take a psychiatrist YEARS to untangle the dysfunctional horror that it is!

wonder what jeebus thinks of all your whoring around?

Mitchell is Moving said...

I could never stick to a one-minute limit on a MGB rant. I can't believe how much the idea of her infuriates me.

Raybeard said...

Dear oh dear. At least we can be secure in the knowledge that this family of dysfunctionals now has no support whatsoever from ANYbody, can't we? (Can't we?)

Biki Honko said...

Wow, I knew the family was messed up, but this is beyond the boundaries of messed up, they have bypassed reality show messed up. Dang, are they in a category all of their own?

Debbie said...

Hey Bob ... great post. Yes ... the hypocrisy of these people is UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. Blister seriously needs to get on the FUCKING PILL!!!!!