Sunday, April 12, 2015

#ShredOfDecency: Confetti Made From 100% Lies

Gosh, I just love a story like this ....

Ireland is soon to have its own vote on marriage equality and a paper company called Daintree is trying to take a little of the ugliness out of the discussion and make it all pretty,
It seems that the lovely people Daintree have been taking charge of the numerous anti-gay pamphlets that are being mailed out, and handed out, and posted along walls, and then shredding them into heart-shaped confetti to be thrown in celebration at same-sex weddings.

Hate into Love.

Daintree is calling the product A Shred of Decency, and they pledge that their confetti is "made from 100% recycled lies," thanks to the hateful propaganda from which it's repurposed. The confetti retails for €5 (about $5), with all profits going to Yes Equality, a political advocacy group promoting marriage equality in the country.

From the Shred of Decency website:
"If you receive any dishonest flyers or leaflets in the run up to the referendum we want to recycle them into confetti. Just drop into our little paper shop at 61 Camden Street, Dublin and hand the lies over to one of our lovely shop staff and we’ll create more beautiful confetti to help people celebrate marriage equality."
I love it. And if you'd like some lies recycled into love you can purchase the confetti at their wesbite.


anne marie in philly said...

great idea! now can we also shred the people from whence these lies come and turn those shreds into compost?

the dogs' mother said...

Fun idea!

Sadie J said...

Maybe we can do something similar with the next election-- I'm thinking the fertilizer idea would definitely be in the running!

Raybeard said...

I imagine that the leaflet producers are spitting blood. At least I hope they are.

Frank said...

Perfect solution.