Friday, April 17, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

Cory BookerNew Jersey Senator, speaking about marriage equality on the Senate floor:

"We cannot fail now. Love is on the line. Citizenship is on the line. We cannot deny the worth of one American without denying the worth dignity and strength of our nation as a whole."

Hot, smart, compassionate, LGBT ally … I’m in love.
Bill Maher, on President Obama:

"You sometimes hear people, even Democrats, say, 'I’m tired of Obama because he didn’t live up to his promises.' I say, 'Are you sure about that? Maybe they just didn’t cover it on TMZ.' Because Obama is slowly going down the list: Cuba, gay marriage and, I’m hoping before he leaves, pot. He’s trying to finish strong. Obama should be a better bragger. He needs to start acting like he won the last election instead of lost it. If the Republicans had his record, they’d be riding it like a fuckin’ wild bronco into the 2016 election. Their attitude would be, 'Why even have an election? We’ve tripled the stock market, unemployment is below six percent, 10 million more people have health insurance, the auto industry is back on its feet.' Oh, and he averted a depression."

And all of that while the GOP rallied against him; think of what he could have done with more support, from Americans, and his own party.
Rick Santorum, on how he’d be a great President because he fights so hard to deny equality to The Gays:

“I’ve been through that firestormI go back 13 years to when I was in the Senate and stood up and said, ‘If the Supreme Court decides a case this way, then all these bad things are going to start happening.’ And I said we would have same-sex marriage in this country in ten years. I was wrong: it was five years. And I was put through a national wringer like no one had been put through and I have been put through over and over and over again because I am not going to back down from what I believe is the right course for our country.”

And yet how many political offices has the man held in the last thirteen years? Just the one before he was booted out.
Vivek Murthy, Surgeon General, on a White House support for bans on "ex-gay" torture:

"Being gay is not a disorder. Being transgender is not a malady that requires a cure. Had I been Leelah Alcorn's physician, I would have told her exactly that. And that's the message I want other doctors, nurses, health professionals, and public health leaders to help get out to parents and children who may be confronting these issues." 

How can we expect anyone to accept themselves when we have medical people telling them that their orientation is a curable ailment?
John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, on the Internal Revenue Service: 

"I'm not saying the IRS is a likable organization, but not everything important is likable. Think of our government as a body. The IRS is the anus. It's nobodies favorite part, but you need that thing working properly or everything goes to s--t real quick."

I always thought the IRS is full of a**holes, now I see it as just one ginormous a**hole.
Rachel Maddow, on GOP presidential candidate's tightrope walk on LGBT rights:

"One happy byproduct of, one benefit of the frenzy is getting to see them invent new lines for themselves to tiptoe down as they try on the spot to invent reasonable sounding, anti-gay policy positions that accomplish this neat trick of not turning off the vast majority of the country by seeming too much like a homophobe but also seeming aggressively anti-gay enough to be electable inside the super anti-gay Republican base bubble."

It must be hard to sound like you’re not a homophobe and still say gays don’t deserve equality or jobs or homes or … or … or cakes.


Professor Chaos said...

Yes, Mr. Santorum, you're the victim here. All these mean old lefties and gays are just so mean to you. **eyeroll**

the dogs' mother said...

or...or...or flowers!
(your faithful cub reporter from the epicenter of Flower.Gate.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The thing about bigotry, unlike homosexuality, is that you are not born a bigot. You learn to be a bigot. And what is learned can be unlearned; how about ex-bigotry therapy anyone?

Raybeard said...

Despite the way it sometimes looks, there IS hope!