Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: A Connecticut Barn

I’ve always aid that I love a good barn, but a barn with an attached silo? Fuggedaboudit.

The original, historic gambrel barn was partially destroyed by a fire, so the owners commissioned architectural firm, Specht Harpman, to reconstruct the exterior, and to redesign the interior for use as a new home.

So, while it still looks like a barn, albeit a new one, on the outside, inside it has become more of an open volume modern, loft-like living space with polished concrete floors, exposed maple framing, and custom woodwork.

Now, to be fair, I tend to like my barns a bit more rustic, a bit more au natural, but this one does have a clean, simple minimal look to it.

Plus, there’s that silo!

via HomeDSGN


mistress maddie said...

Country livin is the life for me, land spreadin so far and wide, keep Manhattan, I'd rather have the countryside! beautiful......and this is a common site here in Bucks County. There is one family that has a barn that looks like the above and it actually has horses in it. Talk about livin in style!!!!!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Looks a bit clinical to me. MM lives in Bucks county? The original Bucks county is three miles down the road; Buckinghamshire!