Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: House In Kings Cross

This private residence is a new build, on the site of an older home; but the new home sits on the same footprint as its predecessor to minimize disturbance of the natural aspects of the site.

The stone roof is reminiscent of older homes and their stone roofs — the folding sloped front façade is made of durable, triple layered slate — and also works as a privacy screen from the street, with the front and north sloped façades designed as a folding plane that opens up through the various levels towards the extensive ravine below.

The interior is designed with an emphasis on space, form and light and its connection to the outside world. Passive systems, such as site orientation, passive solar and passive ventilation as well as geothermal, VOC free materials, in-floor heating, thick foam insulation at building envelope, solar and photovoltaic technologies are used in an effort to reduce energy consumption.

It’s the antithesis of those modern square block houses that are sprouting up; the fluid lines of the exterior walls and interior ceilings make the house seem to move within its environment.

Plus it’s pretty.

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