Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tyler McCubbin Wasn't Fired For Being Gay, He Was Fired For Being Openly Gay

Tyler McCubbin is a teacher, and for the past year he’s been working as a substitute teacher and volunteer track coach at Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa. He appears popular, well-liked, and so good at his job that the school's president offered him a full time teaching position.

But the offer was instantly rescinded once the school did a background check — which included looking at Tyler McCubbin’s Facebook page — and found out that not only is he gay, but he’s engaged to be married … to a man.

Now, keep in mind that during the entire school year that McCubbin has been at Dowling he’s not said a word about his personal … his personal … life, it was the school that revealed he is gay.

And, to add insult to injury, and to show what hypocrites the Catholic Church is, Bishop Richard Pates, head of the Des Moines Diocese, released this statement:
“We accept everybody, we love everybody. Everybody is always welcome within the context of the Catholic Church.”
No, sir, you don’t accept everybody; you failed to accept Tyler McCubbin because he’s gay; and if having someone work for you for a year, and then finding out he’s gay and rescinding a job offer, is the Catholic definition of love, you can have it.

But Pates wants to make it clear, y’all, that Tyler McCubbin wasn't denied the job because he's gay, but because he’s “openly gay,” again, except no one seemed to know that at the school until the school dug into his personal life.

Pates says Tyler McCubbin could have had the job as a gay man, but not as an openly gay, certainly not celibate man.

McCubbin is dismayed by the decision, saying that when he was asked if he was gay, and engaged, he answered honestly, and says he’ll miss the students most of all.
"I walk into Dowling every day … The structure is great, the kids are great."
In fact, the kids are so great they walked out of class last week in protest of the diocese’s decision. Nearly 150 students — along with alumni and supporters from the area — protested Dowling’s decision not to hire Tyler McCubbin because he’s openly gay.

Shoot, if Tyler McCubbin had only been a pedophile, he might still have had a job because we all know the Catholic Church protects child rapists and child molesters, but Tyler, sadly, is a gay man and a respected teacher, so he needs to go.

The Catholic Church really needs to check itself.
DesMoines Register
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Tyler McCubbin
Bishop Pates


the dogs' mother said...

I bet another school snaps him up fast. My opinion men are super valuable in education - so many boys lack a caring and responsible male in their lives.

Raybeard said...

Cheeses! When will they ever learn? Answer: Prob'ly never.

anne marie in philly said...

I second raybeard's comment. this school is doing its students a disservice. and they don't care.

Frank said...

The church is caught in a quagmire of contradictory teachings and actions - which has resulted in blatant hypocrisy. Closeted gay priests, celibate and non-celibate, run parishes, teach in Catholic schools and colleges and more. I knew several. They just never get engaged to their boyfriends on Facebook.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The Catholic church has always been well known for loving some too much (usually young children) and others not enough; the wars that institution has started beggars belief