Thursday, April 02, 2015

Richard Sheridan: Good Christian and Anti-LGBT Vandal

You know, with all this talk about Religious Freedom and the apparent need to restore it, I wonder why? I mean, other than getting married, other than asking for equality under the law, the law not any religion, The Gays haven’t attacked people of faith; we might attack people of faith who believe the laws of this country should be based on the Bible, but that’s only because that isn’t what this country was founded upon.

So, again, I keep waiting for the gay attack on religion that seems to spur these RFRAs along, while I continue to read about Christians attacking gays, and gay sites, and, well, anything gay.

Take Richard Sheridan, a Dallas mayoral candidate and longtime anti-LGBT activist, for example. He has been arrested and charged with spray-painting the numbers "666" on the Legacy of Love Monument last month, and the Cathedral of Hope last June.

The monument, in the heart of Dallas' gayborhood, and the church — known as the world's largest LGBT congregation — were among 12 sites in the city vandalized with so-called "the number of the beast" in red paint; Sheridan has been charged in just two of the cases.

A grand jury indicted Sheridan for a state jail felony, punishable by up to two years behind bars, but if the prosecutors treat the case as an anti-LGBT hate crime, the charges could be enhanced to a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

So, again I ask, while I see evidence of Christian violence and vandalism aimed at The Gays, I’ve yet to see proof of The Gays attacking Christians.

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
source Dallas News


the dogs' mother said...

Shoulda baked a cake.

Biki Honko said...

The fact that we refused to stay in the closet is the attack. They can't abide the idea that we are visible, or very being alive is an affront to them.