Monday, September 15, 2014

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes works for Fox News. Strike one.

Todd Starnes is the, ahem, ‘religion reporter’ for Fox News. Strike two.

Todd Starnes, news man, religious aficionado, has come out now saying that same-sex marriage will lead to men marrying dogs. Strike three.

Now, to be fair, this is far from the dumbest thing Starnes has said, because he rarely opens his mouth without stupid — packed neatly in a sequined clutch I imagine — fall out. He has called diversity "ethnic cleansing;" he also said, of this year's Grammy's mass wedding—which included a few same-sex couples—“a display of intolerance, bigotry and hatred” though he refused to explain why or how because he attended the GOP Convention on “If You Say It Long Enough and Loud Enough People Will Believe You” class given by Michele Bachmann. 

Starnes has also suggested that President Obama is gay, and he responded to the news that NBA center Jason Collins is gay by tweeting, “The NBA is turning into GLEE.”

You know, cuz Glee is gay. But, now, his new mantra is the same old mantra that we’ve been hearing for eons: that same-sex marriage will lead to one-man one-cat (or dog) marriage.

Yup, that old adage is back, even though not once, never ever, since same-sex marriage became legal in this country — in Massachusetts back in ’03 — or in any place in the world where equality truly exists, have we seen one man ever marry an animal, or a clock, or a car.

But that doesn’t matter to people like Todd Starnes — who may ALLEGDELY have his own secret closet — because if you say the lie often enough, and if you say it under the guise of being a journalist … and that causes a fit of giggles that may see no end … then it must be true.

It isn’t. And every single day, as more and more same-sex couples marry, and more and more states join the equality movement, the idiot arguments of the likes of Todd Starnes, even on a channel that calls itself news like Fox, will be washed away in fits of giggles and snorts.

He’s a liar, and panderer, a fear monger, and, perhaps, ALLEGEDLY a self-loathing, deeply closeted gay man, but he is neither a news man nor a religious man because neither would spread lies and hate as often as Starnes.

Pathetic little man. And pathetic little ISBL Asshat of the week.


anne marie in philly said...

what an ugly white guy!

I have never felt like marrying my cats. and I know you don't either.

keep on perpetuating the lies/distortions, asshat! perhaps you will be outed one day. those that doth protest too much usually are what they protest against.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I've got another asshat for you Bob, your friend kashkow's husband

Helen Lashbrook said...

People say stupid things like this because they are frightened and unable to think clearly and assess the evidence. Religion clouds the mind, any religion needs the believer to put the belief above self; otherwise religion fails.

viktor kerney said...

He sucks

the dogs' mother said...

We used to have a lab who would crawl up on you in your chair and we would joke she was attempting to 'cellular bond' and she wanted to have The Engineer's puppies. We should probably go to hell for that...