Thursday, September 18, 2014

Target: My Two Dads Ad

They say some things never change, but some things do … like Target.

It was just a couple of years ago that the retail giant sparked the ire of many in the LGBT community when they began donating money to the political campaigns of anti-LGBT candidates, and that ire turned into fury, and a boycott, when Target responded with a ‘So what’ attitude.

Now, however, Target has evolved, just like Barack Obama. In fact, they have come down on the side of marriage equality by joining the fight in Wisconsin.

Naturally, this has sparked the ire-turned-fury of the anti-equality folks who once said that the LGBT boycott of Target was “homo-fascism” but their boycott of Target was God’s will. Or something.

Anyway, on with Target’s change; they have released a new commercial for their “Made to Matter” line of goods that features two dads painting with their child. The ad was first posted to YouTube and is seen by some as an answer to several of those anti-LGBT groups’ boycott.

An answer that says, “Yeah? So?”

A Target spokeswoman responded to the uproar:
"Target is committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business, including our marketing efforts. The casting of this couple and their son is in line with previous marketing that Target has created including our wedding registry ad campaigns that have been running for the past several years."
YouTube response to the video s overwhelmingly positive:
"Thank you, Target, for standing against the sinful anti-gay lobby who seek to redefine discrimination as a 'sincerely held religious belief.' Despite their efforts to redefine traditional values such as equality, family and love into something ugly and sinister, we know that most Americans reject their evil agenda! God bless you for standing up for what is right, good and American!"
Naturally, though, anti-LGBT groups have been less happy with the ads. Matt Barber, vice president of the Hate group the Liberty Counsel Action, said Target's decision to sign the amicus brief — which federally challenged Wisconsin and Indiana's same-sex marriage bans — was a “slap in the face to millions of pro-family customers."

You know, cuz The Gays are anti-family.

But Target won’t back down. In a blog post published last month, Jodee Kozlak, Target's executive vice president of human resources, said:
“It is our belief that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and that includes rights we believe individuals should have related to marriage. We believe that everyone – all of our team members and our guests – deserve to be treated equally. And at Target we are proud to support the LGBT community."
Things can change; people can change’ retailers can change.

Sure, you can say that perhaps Target changed their policies because they realized they are shunning a segment of society that is rumored to be overflowing with disposable income, and in this economy, you wanna make the coins, but my feeling is, however you change your mind whatever brings you to equality … good.



mistress maddie said...

I have always loved Target and was the only place out of big box stores I go to get household items and supplies, most because they were friendly, very clean stores, well maintained and not a chaotic atmosphere like the others. Bravo for them for changing gears.

the dogs' mother said...

My SF SIL calls them 'House of Tar-jee'. :-)

viktor kerney said...

Nice, but don't blink