Monday, September 08, 2014

Vivian and Alice Got Married

After this morning’s post about the alleged pastor who thinks that God wants to kill The Gays, or, at the very least, wash the gay right out of us, I decided I needed to be cleansed from that kind of story and sop this is the perfect solution.

Vivian Boyack and Alice "Nonie" Dubes were married last week in Davenport, Iowa, surrounded by family and friends. The two women held hands while the Reverend Linda Hunsaker told the gathering:
“This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago.”
The two women met while attending Yale, and then moved to Davenport, Iowa together so Vivian could teach elementary school, while Nonie worked in the payroll department of a couple of local papers. They spent time travelling, both here — they’ve been to each of the fifty states— and abroad, but back home in Iowa, with marriage equality legal, they decided it was time to get married.

After being together for seventy-two years.

Seventy-two years, if that isn’t love, if that isn’t worthy of recognition, if that isn’t tradition, then I may have this whole thing wrong.

Congratulations, Vivian and Nonie! 

wedding photo credit: Thomas Geyer


anne marie in philly said...

ain't that GREAT! 72 years; this beats ron and bill at 50 years!

may they live the rest of their days in joy and peace!

the dogs' mother said...


Frank said...

Lovely and touching.

Raybeard said...

So sweet and moving - and so good to see it having been achieved within their lifetimes.

As for that 'pastor', his vicious remarks so smacking with desperation that he needs it to convince himself, methinks I hear a ticking clock counting down to when HE comes out - and to mark it by performing a same sex ceremony. Well, so I'm wishing.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Love knows no boundaries, sexual, religious, racial or otherwise. Why embrace hate when love has so much more to give?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Absolutely heart-warming. Those radicals!