Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Psst? Lindsey Graham Is In A Bit Of Trouble .... Pass It On

I am not much for poles, except for the stripper pole though those days, for me at least are over … but I digress.

We got a hint of good news this morning down here in South Carolina where it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity, when I learned that Lindsey Graham, Tea Party goose-stepping, war mongering asshat, is falling way down in his approval ratings with his constituents; in fact, he’s as far down as President Obama, whom he loves to chastise and castigate at every opportunity.


In fact, head-to-head matchups against his three opponents Lindsey Graham can’t even muster 50% of the votes, and in most polls he’s hovering around 45%--still enough to win, I guess, but not a wide enough margin to keep Lindsey from twisting in his granny panties.

And Lindsey doesn’t have a lot of room to improve upon those numbers because there are two other conservatives running against him. Sure, one of them is Bravo reality star Thomas Ravenel, who was found guilty of cocaine possession and forced to resign as South Carolina State Treasurer; but he’s going up in the polls, ever so slightly, while Lindsey dips. Also not helping is Libertarian Victor Kocher, another conservative causing Lindsey Graham tsouris as more voters question whether Lindsey’s right for South Carolina.

He’s not.

Now, the Democrat running against Graham is Brad Hutto, a 19 year veteran of the state senate, and if he can get the Democrats out to vote — and, seriously, Dems, why aren’t you voting because not voting is a vote for Lindsey — and the all important black vote, he could end up in the mid 40’s making him the leading vote getter.

And here in The SC all you gotta do is win by one vote. One vote; I'd love to think it was mine!

Still, Hutto isn’t well known with most voters and, right now, is polling in the mid-30s range. But since most of the undecided voters are either Democrats or Independents, he could, with some help, and some cash, unseat Lindsey Graham and sent him back to the bogs from whence he came.

It’s not a sure thing, y’all, but it’s a thing, so, pass it on, and let’s lose Lindsey. 


Mitchell is Moving said...

I'm just trying to get the image out of my head of Lindsay Graham in his granny panties!

the dogs' mother said...

No senators up for election here. Just two GOPers running for Congress and the leader did not get the endorsement of the retiring Congressman today (it might have been the three gun give away on his website...)

viktor kerney said...

He is so ridic, I hope he loses his seat

Professor Chaos said...

The sooner this douche gets put out to wingnut-welfare pasture, the better.