Friday, September 12, 2014

Would You Hit It?

Dan Stevens. A British actor, he was Matthew on Downton Abbey and he was so dreamy. But then Dan wanted to try something new and, as happens on soap operas on either side of the pond, his character was killed off ... right after Lady Mary gave birth to their child.

Dan can be seen in the upcoming The Guest where he plays a soldier who introduces himself to a family as the friend of their son who dies in action. But, yeah, that's not true and all kinds of crazy happens afterwards.

But we aren't here for that, we're here to ask a question ...


Yes or No.


mistress maddie said... Now wonders never cease, that's two for two for moi!!!!!

Bob Slatten said...


I was thinking of being selective, too, so I'll YES!

Chris said...

I feel like Goldilocks -
- NO in Downton tubby/pasty shape, NO post-downton-too-skinny-with-questionable mustache-shape- but in the physique from The Guest? YES YES YES.

anne marie in philly said...

HELLZ YEAH! I am a sucker for a british accent and blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in three of his incarnations:

Nick Guest - "The Line Of Beauty", Morris Townsend - "The Heiress" The Guest - "The Guest"

Raybeard said...

Never seen 'Downton' and don't know of him - but on the strength of this photo it's a 'yes'!

Robb Delman said...