Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Bathroom Pictures .... Finally

The old, ugly, flesh-colored, badly tiled, brown-toileted kinda generic guest bathroom.
The floor needed to be replaced under the vanity because the vanity was actually set down lower than the sub-floor.
The walls are primed, and then painted a dark semi-gloss, almost black, gray.
The tape goes up for my pinstripe effect, and then the smaller stripes are painted a lighter shade of a matte gray.
The paint dries, the tape comes off, and, Houston, we have achieved pinstripes!
Our first ever attempt at tiling, and, with but a few mistakes, all of which were caught before becoming final, it turns out pretty good.
Finished product; dual-flush, water-conserving toilet and sleek pedestal sink with new light fixture. The mirror was a freebie find that I painted that cool shade of green, which matches some picture frames that are in the room as well.
Out with the old ... in with the new. It took longer than we expected, because we mostly did the work on weekends, but we love the finished look!


mistress maddie said...

And as one with a design background....BRAVO! What a difference!!!! The pinstripes are a pain to do, but the finished product is worth it. And they will make the ceiling appear higher. Very handsome lounge Bob!!!! Looks very good!

Susan said...

Beautiful, Bob! I think you have found your calling. :)

the dogs' mother said...

Very, very nice. :-)
Someday I want a guest bathroom. They were not the thing in the 70s when this house was built. We can send folks downstairs to the laundry room bath room, laundry sink with shower stall.

Biki Honko said...

Fantastic! It may have taken you longer than expected, but my oh my did it turn out perfectly!

Mark in DE said...

Looks fabulous! Really like the pin stripe effect. Reminds me of a men's gray flannel pin stripe suit. Masculine but chic.

anne marie in philly said...

from boring beige to FABULOUS! congrats on a job well done!