Thursday, July 05, 2012

Oh Fiddle-Dee-Dee, Whatever Will They Do Now?

Well isn't this just awful.
The backers of Initiative 1192, a Washington state voter-initiative to ban equal marriage which sought to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples, say they have been unable to gather enough signatures to put their bigotry on the ballot in November.
They even used the term “woefully short” when describing the lackluster numbers of people who want hate to be voted upon in the Pacific Northwest. The group behind Initiative 1192, AKA Protect Marriage Washington, needed 240,000 signatures to get on the ballot and they were able to collect about 100,000.
That isn't "woefully short" it's hysterically short.
Stephen Pidgeon of Protect Marriage Washington says, “The truth is there was a competing measure....and the referendum, let’s just say they were very hot in their competition and even though we supported their effort they did not support ours.”
I love that news, even though it appears another initiative of discrimination, Referendum 74, has already won enough support to appear on the November ballot. This means that the majority of Washington voters will decide on the rights of the minority of Washington voters and that sounds fair, no?
But it may all mean nothing come November, because, according to the Public Policy Polling, voters in Washington approve of marriage equality by a margin of 51% to 42%.
 are set to approve equal marriage. Naturally, among Democrats in the state, support for marriage equality stands at 82%.
And the numbers of people in this country who want equality for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation, is also on the rise.
Washington could just be the precursor of a giant shift in this country.
Let's hope so.

via Pink News


Anonymous said...

Maybe those assholes will move to Idaho, just like conservatives fled California for Arizona?

the dogs mother said...

Oh noes! Not Idaho! Have too much family there. Someday I will tell you the story of Grandma's Cadillac, the Aryan compound and two gormless (but well meaning) teenagers trying to strike a blow for diversity.

Yes, we were pleased to see the other ballot issue sank without a whimper. said...

I'm hopefull that all this will be moot once the SCOTUS declares DOMA to be unconstitutional.