Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mittsy Chronicles: Support Me, But Don't Ask For A Picture With Me

Proving once again that he is a pandering dipstick, who will do and say anything—except share those pesky tax returns—to get elected, Mittsy Romney went out to Wyoming last week so that the Grand Dragon of the GOhP—the Grand Old hypocrite Party—Dick Cheney could help him raise some money.
And a lot of folks, who fall into that right-wing-nut bent, saw this moment between Mittsy and W’s Hellhound-In-Chief as a kind of symbolic passing of the torch from the last Republican administration to perhaps....excuse me if I giggle...the next one.
And it would have been lovely, in kind of a horror movie way, except the Romney folks thought the torch shed too much light, so they threw a bucket of water on it; and, ‘No,’ Dick Cheney didn’t melt when hit with the liquid.
Since Dickie Cheney remains unpopular with Americans with more than half a brain, and since Mittsy’s people know this, but pander nonetheless, the Romney team went to great lengths to avoid any public images of the two men together.
That’s right. No photo op between The Mitt and The Dick.
As Mittsy arrived, he greeted the Cheney’s, but reporters who were within view were quickly removed from the area before flashbulbs could capture the moment.
Mittsy’s not entirely stupid. He’ll take Dick Cheney’s money, and use Dick Cheney’s house, to fatten his wallet for the campaign ahead, but he will not allow any of us to see him do it.
So shady, Mittsy, so shady.
Cheney, trying to stay relevant, offered a strong endorsement of Mittsy, even though if Mittsy had his way about things, like if he were ever elected president, he would work to overturn Dickie’s daughter Mary’s same-sex wedding.
But, politics does make for strange bedfellows, only you won’t get any pictures of Mittsy and Dickie canoodling.


Ron said...

The Liar meets the Torturer. How appropriate. Both despicable men masquerading as human beings. Monsters.

the dogs mother said...

Odd that they think no-one would notice but otoh I bet few people have. It's summer, it's the Olympics, it's just politics.