Friday, March 25, 2011

I Didn't Say It.......

Jason Patrick [seriously?] on Lady Gaga:
"This Lady GaGa is absolutely preposterous. This is, what? You take a s*** in a Cuisinart and put [on] some pasties and get Auto-Tuned and look who I am. Well nothing, you've been marketed, that's all. If I was a magician maybe I'd get angry about it, but it's just like, what? Again, just turn the page."

Um, thanks Jason? I guess.
But why the anger?
What did Gaga ever do to you? Beat you to the Appear-In-An-Egg-At-The-Grammys title?
Wear a meat dress first?
Someone needs a nap.

amfAR, on the passing of Elizabeth Taylor:
"The board of trustees and staff of amfAR mourn the passing of our beloved Founding International Chairman, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Dame Elizabeth was without doubt one of the most inspirational figures in the fight against AIDS. She was among the first to speak out on behalf of people living with HIV when others reacted with fear and often outright hostility. For 25 years, Dame Elizabeth has been a passionate advocate of AIDS research, treatment and care. She has testified eloquently on Capitol Hill, while raising millions of dollars for amfAR. Dame Elizabeth’s compassion, radiance, and generosity of spirit will be greatly missed by us all. She leaves a monumental legacy that has improved and extended millions of lives and will enrich countless more for generations to come."

Elizabeth Taylor was an AIDS activist almost before we knew what either of those things meant. And would she have done so if her good friend, Rock Hudson, hadn't died of complications of AIDS? I don't know. And I don't care.
See, that's how any of us become advocates for anything: we're touched by it, and moved by it, and want to change it.
And Elizabeth Taylor did that before anyone else.

Karen England, wingnut from California Research Institute, on transgendered people:"If you're born a male or a female, then you should remain a male or a female on your birth certificate. It's actually quite deceptive -- and it shouldn't be legal to be able to have a birth certificate that has you identified as one sex when you're really another sex altogether. I don't know why we need to have special privileges on something this radical and controversial for people who are wanting to go through a sex change, or for people who are saying they want to go through it but want to conceal their identity or want to -- quote, unquote -- 'get married' under Proposition 8. It's just radical, and I can't believe they're even discussing this at the state legislative level."

Wow, is there any LGBT issue this wackjob isn't against?
Transgender. Marriage equality.
Karen, honey, you clinking clanking clacking collection of calygenous junk, times are changing, and when the change is compete, you'll be that sad bag lady standing at the curb wondering where everyone went.
But, that's your choice.

Mike Huckabee, asshat and presidential wannabe, but neverwillbe, on reinstating DADT if elected:
"I would -- because that's really what the military wants. There's been some talk that the military is fine with having same-sex orientation people. But if you really surveyed the combat troops, that is not at all the case....I don't think that these are decisions that politicians should make. These are decisions that soldiers should make," he says emphatically. "And when the soldiers in the foxholes make the decisions, they choose something different -- and we should listen to them."

Gee, Mike, if you had half a brain--and one less chin--you might realize that members of the military do not make up the rules of the military.
That's for the leaders of the military, and the President, who've already spoken on this issue.
If you want to be taken seriously as a candidate for president--and not simply as some banjo strumming nutjob--why don't you talk about the issues that concern the American people, like, oh, maybe the economy, jobs, Iraq, Afghanistan, instead of pandering to your baseless nitwits.

Wendy Wright, of the Concerned Women For America, on the Respect For Marriage Act:
"The congressmen who introduced this bill are claiming rights that don't exist. There is no right to same-sex 'marriage,' and they seek to confuse people by using language like that. Every time that marriage has come up for a vote in a state, that state has protected marriages between one man and one woman. So when you look at how they operate, they are in fact the bullies. They're the ones who have massive amounts of money. When you look at the budgets of these groups, it's rather shocking the multimillions of dollars they have -- they bring in every year -- and with that, they're able to hire full-time lobbyists who then intimidate not only politicians but corporations."
Oh, Wendy.
There is same-sex marriage, honey. Iowa? Massachusetts?
Ever heard of those places?
And, soon enough, marriage equality will be everywhere so the Respect For Marriage ACT is a positive step towards change.
But, um, I'm guessing you'll be left on a curb somewhere with fellow wingnut hater Karen England.

Victoria Jackson, former SNL cast member and Tea Party wackjob, on al-Qaida and Glee:
"This new al-Qaida magazine for women has beauty tips and suicide-bomber tips! Gimme a break! That is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don't care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an 'alternate lifestyle'! There I said it! Ridiculous! Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of Glee – what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?"
Victoria, Victoria, Victoria. Al, those years of standing on your head on SNL have compressed your brain to the point that rational cogent thought doesn't exist.
And, if the idea of two men kissing is so repellent to you--and, really, honey, it's hot--then WTF are you doing watching the gayest show on TV.

Barney Frank, on the idea that gay rights is now a positive wedge issue for the Democrats:
"What do I say to the idea that this [DOMA] is a wedge issue? I say 'Hallelujah.' The fact that we've now evolved to the point where the Republicans are complaining about the fact that we introduced this bill because it causes them political problems is a great sign of progress. It used to be the other way around."

But let's not make everything about gay rights.
Many in the LGBT community are also concerned about the economy and jobs, wars, the environemtn.
Let's try to focus on those issues, too.
They matter to the LGBT community as well.

Bruce Vilanch, on James Franco's widely-panned Oscar performance and allegedly being high:
"No, he wasn't high. I was with him, and he wasn't high. And I asked him, 'Are you high, and can I have some?' And he said no to both....He has so many balls in the air, he didn't get to town till Thursday before the show on Sunday. And so we e-mailed a lot....He had a bunch of people who were writing for him, and if it had been him alone, it would have been different. But it was him and Anne Hathaway, and they both had to be serviced. So there was a lot of communication beforehand. But he didn't get there...I don't think he realized how big a deal it is to do it until he was actually confronted with it. I think he thought he would kind of ... I don't know what he thought. I thought maybe it was a performance-art prank, and then I realized he sincerely wanted to do it. But it's outside of those guys' comfort zones. The only people who know how to host those shows are people who get up onstage every night and say, 'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. A funny thing happened ... ' Or people like Bette [Midler] who get up and sing all night and tell stories."

He looked high, he acted high. But maybe that's all it was, being out of his element and seriously not prepared. A few emails doesn't set you up for the Oscar host win, James.

Josh Flagg, of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, has ome out of the closet:
"You know my sexuality does not define me, it is not who I am, but rather it is part of me, and I did not ever want people to think of me as "the gay real estate guy," I did not want that to be the only demographic that was watching me on TV or the only demographic to associate with me. I am very glad I did things the way I did because I feel I eased people into it and I made people comfortable with ME, and then kind of just dropped the fact that I like guys instead of girls. Many people knew, many had no idea."

Welcome out, Josh.
And I like the philosophy of not being the gay realtor but the realtor who is gay.
It's a subtle difference, but it is a difference.
Like me, I'm not the gay snarky bitch, I'm the snarky bitch who's gay.

Randy Forbes, Teabagger asshat, on his bill to force the placement of "In God We Trust" on all public buildings:
"This sends a clear message to all these government departments and agencies that it’s all right to put up the motto on our buildings and in our classrooms. And I think it will stop the tide of the chilling effect over the past several years. We’re not forcing anybody to do anything. But at the same time, we want to stand there to protect people who want to say God in a public building. And we don’t want some government agency telling them that they can’t put the national motto in their buildings or classrooms."
You might not be forcing people to do anything, but by putting up your little signs, you are ignoring people who are not members of your Christian faith, or even people who are non-believers.
And you can have your national motto, and make it the cornerstone of your life, but you are stepping on the toes of people who believe differently, and that's not very American.
Or Christian.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on her opposition to marriage equality:
"If I was in a different walk of life, if I'd continued in the law and was partner of a law firm now, I would express the same view, that I think for our culture, for our heritage, the Marriage Act and marriage being between a man and a woman has a special status. Now, I know people might look at me and think that's something that they wouldn't necessarily expect me to say, but that is what I believe."

But your beliefs are not necessarily the beliefs of everyone.
Nor are they especially equality oriented.
Believe what you choose, but the law is the law.


froggy said...

That's quite a round-up! And the picture of Huckabee ak ak ak!

robertga99 said...

We all become advocates based on issues that touch our lives. Elizabeth may have become an AIDS advocate because of Rock Hudson but who cares why? She was still a trail blazer in that area.

twunty mcslore said...

Oh no, got the Huckabee Vertigo again!

twunty mcslore said...

And color me shocked over what the Australian Prime Minister said. I took one look at her and assumed she was a Conan lesbian.

Wonder Man said...

I knew that Josh was gay