Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Wonder If Abby Had Something To Do With This

And if you don't know that Abby is the Demon Dog from Froggy's house, then maybe you ought to scoot on over and take a look-see, eh? And if you don't think Abby has the power to change the laws in Washington, look at this picture where she's about to make fire.
Blatantly stolen from Froggy's place.
Uh huh.

Anyway, up in Washington state, the legislature has voted that the state will recognize same-sex marriages from other states as legal domestic partnerships. Now, The Gays can't get married up in Abby-ville--though I think she's working on that, too--but the state will recognize your gay marriage by a vote of 28-19. It now heads to Governor Gregoire to sign into law.

Under current state law, Washington recognizes only domestic partnerships from other states, but excludes same-sex marriage, and while this bill doesn't create full marriage equality in Washington, same-sex marriages from elsewhere would be eligible for the rights granted to domestic partnerships in this state.

Someone email this to Montana and Indiana, so they can see how things work when people are granted equality.

And someone give Abby a treat, because I'm thinking she had something to do with this.

Good girl, Abby. Good. Girl.



froggy said...

Abby uses her Demon Powers for good.
Also Abby has NO time for nonsense - and thinks anti-gay marriage people deserve a good nip. You have been extended Honorary Minionhood.

David Dust said...

That's a good doggy.

I wonder if she could give me some lottery numbers.


Anonymous said...

Good Abby!