Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

What a gorgeous weekend in Smallville.

It was almost eighty degrees yesterday, and with that whole Spring Forward--which sounds like an old Jane Fonda Aerobics move--it was almost like summer.

It was also errand day, with groceries and so on, plus a stop at the Homo Depot, which was just packed with a bunch of other DIY-wannabes cruising the aisles.

We checked out cobblestones for Carlos' Garden Path Project, as well as paint colors for the living room and the wet bar--yes, don't hate, we have a wet bar in the living's like a time capsule to the 1960s--as well as cabinet hardware.

Of course, the hardware I liked was about $30 each and I need about ten or eleven, so, just as I was about to change my mind from cabinet hardware to piece of string, I looked online and found the same pulls for just over $6 each. Seriously. I'm down from $300 bucks or so, to sixty. It's good.

We also installed filters in the rain gutters along the front of the house. We are literally surround by trees of all sorts and need to clean the gutters quite regularly, but these new sponge-like filters will keep the leaves and pine needles out of the gutters and on the ground where they belong.

Until i have to rake them up.

Leaves-and-Needles: One; Bob: Zero.

And because it was such a nice day, Carlos grilled some salmon on cedar planks while I popped the cork off a nice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand--well, I didn't pop the cork so much as I unscrewed it, since so m many wines are becoming screw tops these days--and we ate a long leisurely dinner on the back deck.

Such a lovely Sunday.

Then, to cap it off, we ordered "Love & Other Drugs" off the DVR--it still shocks me that you can click a button on the remote and have a new movie play on your TV. That and microwave popcorn will make a sloth outta me yet.

The movie was good, if predictable. The old playboy meets girl who has a terminal illness and they hook up, and break up, and then get back together because the playboy learns there is more to the world than just his penis and the girl learns that there are actually people, well, men, who will think of them before they think of their penis....or at least think of them equally.

But, or should I say butt, there was a nice bit of Jake Gyllenhaal nekkidity, which raised the movie up--pun intended--for us. Jakey has a cute little behind, I must say.

Four stars for Jakey nude; two stars for story.

That was our Weekend of Domesticity, Sauvignon Blanc, Gutters and Naked Jake.
How was yours?


froggy said...

Attempting to keep The Engineer's head from exploding. The amount of errors in the reporting on Japanese nuclear plants has him ranting and raving. I think I'll put on cartoons tomorrow morning...

Preston P said...

Well that sounds like a lovely weekend! I find you can offen find things cheaper on line verses the brick and mortar stores, not sure why, except online usually has more inventory. Spring brings so much more energy to gets things done, doesn't it?

mistress maddie said...

The weather here was nice too! Although not that hot.Do you two think you got enough done!!! And can you believe I forgot about the time change! I didn't catch on till yesterday afternoon. Tootles!

D@vid said...

I wish we had your weather... it's still in the 30's here. This weekend had too many late nights and drinks in it for me, but was pretty uneventful.

(wow, Preston is cute)

R.J. said...

My weekend was too short. Too much drama on Sunday but Saturday was nice.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sponge in the gutters, sounds interesting. I use the covers and that results in ice dams. I am thinking of getting a snow rake for next year.