Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caturday....With A Small Dose Of Dog[?]urday

Tuxedo and Max Goldberg like to sneak off for a 'nap'.
Yeah, that's it......nap.

My two handsome men!
Consuelo Roca Jones.
Hey, if she doesn't know I'm taking her picture,
I don't get the stink eye!

And speaking of stink eye, Tallulah was giving it
when I caught her playing with Consuelo's toy.

And Ozzo, poor Ozzo.
He begged not to be included on Caturday.


R.J. said...


froggy said...

Abby and Tar say we remain united against Caturday!

Beth said...

I bet Ozzo feels like my Dad lone guy in a houseful of women. Not that he complained!

mistress maddie said...

Poor Ozzo. Now reduced to being grouped in with cats. Buster Bolfig says he is sending help!

Sam said...

Ozzo! You are so cute!

Kyle said...

Love them all.:)