Friday, March 04, 2011

No Repeal Of Marriage Equality In New Hampshire

Way back on '09, the state of New Hampshire approved marriage equality, and since then the nice folks at NOM, and those other groups that hate gays and equality, have been working overtime to see that the law is changed.

Yeah, didn't work.

A key House committee has voted to take the repeal of the marriage equality legislation off the table for this legislative legislative session. The unanimous, 15-0, vote of the House Judiciary Committee effectively means two bills  repealing the 2009 law won’t return to the full House of Representatives until early next year.

And, nicely enough, there was no debate about the move.

Now, this is good news for marriage equality supporters, although many wanted the House to vote definitively against a repeal so it couldn't be brought up in committee again. And, of course, those anti-equality wanted a definitive vote to repeal the law.

So, both sides aren't entirely happy.

But here's how I see it;

They aren't doing anything about it, which means gay couples can still marry in New Hampshire. And then, by they decide to run it thorough committee again, New Hampshire will have a year or so of same-sex marriage under their belt, and people will see that locusts didn't swarm the state, and a tornado didn't destroy the state, and that heterosexual marriage wasn't destroyed.

They'll see that all it means is that New Hampshire is more equal.

And that ain't a bad thing.



Wonder Man said...

I hope Maryland gets Gay Marriage too

Stan in NH said...

Right on Bob. The longer it is a law here, the harder it will be to repeal. It soon becomes "old news" and nobody will want to fuss with it anymore. Well, only the hate groups will want to fuss with it! :) But you know what I say to them....

Cubby said...

The only thing that is destroying heterosexual marriage is heterosexual divorce.

BosGuy said...

NOM and others mistake Yankee conservatism w/ the wave of religious conservatism in other parts of the country.

NH is a conservative state, but the it is based in the concept of "small gov't" and keeping the gov't out of individual's lives.

I'm a former resident of NH and don't see the state revoking gay marriage.

My personal message to NOM, "Go F*ck Yourselves."