Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things that are funny, that bug me, or that I just plain don't like.

Carlos went on a tear about the History Channel this morning.
The History Channel?
The History Channel.
Seems they did a story on logging and he didn't like it and he wants them to stop showing it.
Choose your sides people.

In the backwards sate of South Carolina the legislature has tabled any discussion of raising the cigarette tax because they can't agree on how to spend the money. South Carolina's cigarette tax is the lowest in the country.
I have never seen so many smokers in my life. It's a wonder there isn't a permanent haze over the entire region.

Call me callous, but I am not liking the, what I think of as, exploitation of Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's important to discuss the treatments she's getting because it may give someone else hope in their battle.
But do we have to show her son crawling into bed, crying with her?

Does it have to get so personal?
I think someone is doing this for the money.
Are you listening Ryan?

Mel Gibson.
Asshat Catholic.
Divorces his wife and now word is he has a pregnant girlfriend.
Yeah, he's a good Catholic.

In case you're wondering, um, I don't like him.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not like Celine Dion.
Almost as much as I don't like Mel. Almost.
I never saw Titanic because of her and that damned song.
Sometimes I really wish her heart wouldn't go on.
I know, too much, but still.......
So, when I saw this at The Gospel According To Mikey, I knew I'd post it.
Enjoy The Amazing? Celine Dion.


Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton are apparently the most Googled Gays on the Internet.
Quite a pair.
I think the struggle for equality just got harder if these two media-whores are the most Googled Gays.

Paris Hilton.
That's all.


DuPree said...

Okay, in order:

Re: History Channel - you have it easy - but with my sympathies. My partner is banned from watching any home improvement channels because he screams, insults the hosts and guests, and throws things at the TV. One HGTV show featured a "Sears in-home design consultant" and he had to be taken down with a tranquilizer gun. Ours is not to question why - simply to minimize the mental and property damage.

Ryan O'Neal - I watched the special about Farrah and the only thing I didn't like about it was watching your fat pig ass squirm and mewl and whimper while your meal ticket fights for her life. And yeah - the son in chains was over the top.

Mel Gibson - Lock this crazy, hypocritical SOB up, please!

Celine - blech.

Lindsay - another child actor hits the skids - whoopee.

Perez - now fully interchangeable with Ryan O'Neal in disgusting pig department (colored wigs not included)

Paris Hilton - Hey! I got the clap simply from typing that name. Damn.

Joy said...

I feel the same way you do about Mel and Celine. My mother wanted to see Titanic, so I took her and hated all those false endings, throwing the necklace in the ocean, and not moving over to make room for Leo not to fall off blue in the sea. Then Celine sang and sang. It was a tie between which I hated the most.

I didn't watch the Farrah cancer show. It just felt wrong.

I agree with your rants!

frogponder said...

It might help to know that the logging show, when it first aired, was watched by officials tasked with regulating the industry and they got busted for something they did on the show.

Bina said...

History Channel? Mmmm, I didn't see that show, so I have no idea.

Smoking? Never been to SC but they don't know how to spend the freaking money? Are you kidding me?

Ryan O'Neal? He "seems" to love her, but he just seemed to happy to me. And why didn't HE go to Germany and all those places with her instead of that woman? I didn't watch the whole show, just parts. I just couldn't stand it.

Mel Gibson? You said it all, but I did NOT know he had a pregnant girlfriend! Fucker!!!!!

Celine looks like an old, blonde Wynona Rider (sp?) in that picture. I freaking can not stand her!

Can Lindsay look any more stupid? Oh, wait a minute. I think I've said that before.

Perez? Had no clue who he was, and never heard his name before you mentioned him on your blog.

Beth said...

I HATE PAris Hilton. nuff said.

and while I like Farrah....quit exploiting her, you so called friends of hers. Let the woman die in peace. sheesh.

Beth said...

I read another blog that feels that O'Neal is exploiting Farrah's illness (and I agree). It is a private matter that should be kept private.

Celine Dion...AUGH! My eyes! My eyes! I've never seen "Titanic" either, but it's because so many people told me I HAD to see it. No I don't. I can't stand her like I can't stand Michael Bolton. So just for you, Bob, here's a little something for your viewing pleasure. I've never been able to get over it, and it makes an occasional appearance over at Nutwood. :) XO Beth


Mark in DE said...

I agree with you about the Farrah exploitation. I don't like Celine or Mel either.