Monday, April 06, 2020

Chelsea Takes On Jared And _____ ... And Wins!

To be fair, and balanced … see what I did there … I adore Chelsea Clinton. She’s smart, she’s vocal, and she’s not afraid of any MAGAt backlash, which leads me to this …

Last Friday, Chelsea Clinton appeared to mock White House senior adviser, and Presidential-daughter-fucker, Jared Kushner for not having the sufficient medical expertise needed for a role in _____’s COVID-19 task force; she does not mention the son-in-law by name but did say:
(Keep thinking: I’ve a Masters in Public Health; wrote my doctoral dissertation on global efforts to tackle AIDS pandemic; co-authored a book on global health governance; teach MPH courses on health systems & global health & I’m not qualified to lead a national #covid19 effort.)”
Still, you know who she meant, and one Rachel Gonzalez knew who she meant, and so she responded by saying:
“Imagine Hillary Clinton in the White House putting Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Mark, in charge of handling the COVID-19 situation. And when Mark briefed the country, he always praised her. Republicans would go insane, but not if the conflict of interest benefits them.”
Ouch, but true, which prompted Chelsea to respond—and this is why I adore her:
My imagination doesn’t stretch that far.”
Clinton has repeatedly criticized the _____ White House’s delayed and haphazard handling of the pandemic, and also last Friday retweeted Senator Brian Schatz’s [D-Hawaii] claim:
“We are seeing preventable mass deaths in the United States.”
And this week she again laid blame for the mess squarely at _____’s feet:
“Multiple failures-to test every suspected case, to isolate confirmed cases, to contact trace, to adequately prepare & protect our health workers. President _____ didn’t cause #covid19 but people are dying because of his failure in public health, leadership & humanity.”
And then, when _____ suggested governors “have to treat us well” if they wanted federal assistance, she lit it up:
“YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Not some states. Not just of the people who voted for you. Not just of the people who are American citizens ( 2020 census). THE UNITED STATES. It’s never too late to start acting like it.”
She’s right; I adore her; but her comments don’t fall on simply deaf ears, they fall on ignorant, ill-equipped, unfit and unhinged ones.



anne marie in philly said...

GO CHELSEA! take that POS jared down!

the dogs' mother said...

Yay! Chelsea!

xoxo :-)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Like the saying goes, "you can't argue with stupid". Unfortunately the people who need to listen to her, and need to realize that she is on their side.. won't because of her last name.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Seems to me as though Chelsea has more smarts than her mother

Frank said...

Wonder if he heard/read any of it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yay, Chelsea! She's got her mother's clitzpah!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Am I blue? Am I blue? Ain't these tears in the eyes tellin' you?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Chelsea is fantastic.
That girl has battled repugs since she was a child.
I loved the shade she threw on Jared’s way. Classy and smart,


Ex-Restaurant Manager said...

Well, Chelsea was raised by two loving, smart, giving, law-abiding parents. Quite a difference from 45's spawn. Pete and Chelsea 2024!

whkattk said...

She's a smart one, that Clinton.