Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Daily Hypocrite: Brent Randall

I am not one for outing people, though I do believe, and I will keep saying it until it happens, that every single LGBT person needs to come out now.

Think of the change in the world if there were no closet doors and no hiding; gone would be the shame; gone would be the pain; gone would be the intolerance, well, at least the blatant in-your-face intolerance because we would be everywhere.

Still, I don’t think it’s my job to out anyone … unless … and you knew there’d be an 'unless' .... Unless you’re a hypocritical anti-LGBT-Bible-Thumping-Holier-Than-Thou politician who works to deny civil rights to Americans based on their sexual orientation while you troll gay dating sites looking for a hookup.

Brent Randall.

Randall is a Republican, of course, who opposes expanding anti-discrimination protections to LGBT people, of course, through the law. He lives in Goshen, Indiana, and is a sports broadcaster and businessman, and has decided to run for the Goshen City Council.

Now, Goshen does not have an LGBT civil rights nondiscrimination law and Brent Randall is running on the platform of keeping Goshen anti-LGBT and claims, wrongly, of course, because he’s a Republican, that LGBT people are already protected by law.

Oh … and Randall has an active profile on  Adam4Adam, an online dating site that boasts it's the "world's largest gay hookup site." And when asked about his Adam4Adam profile, Randall said:
“I don’t even know if I consider myself bisexual or not. I just experimented a little since I was single again.”
So, maybe he’s bisexual, maybe he’s gay, but the last time I checked that’s at least two of the letters in LGBT, the very group he says does not need anti-discrimination protections; and he isn’t changing his stance … not to be confused, I think, with Larry Craig’s wide-legged stance in the men’s room stalls of airports and such:
"I don’t know why they feel they need special protections when there are other categories that might need protections. My little experimentation over the last six years hasn’t changed my view on that."
First off, Brent, don’t say ‘they’ say ‘we’ because you’re an online queer boy, no matter what you call it; and, seriously, when one has been experimenting for six years one should have already learned the answer to their question.

Naturally, the Republican Party is standing by their gay anti-gay candidate because, well, anti-gay:
“He is the same person today as he was yesterday and is the right person to serve on City Council representing District 5. We are deeply saddened to see someone’s private personal life be exposed, by no choice of his own, for what can only appear to be political motivations. His entire life is turned upside down. ”
Let me make this queer; Randall Brent is the most pathetic form of gay man on the planet, so self-loathing, and self-hating that, not only does he hide himself deep within a closet but he wants to be put in a position of power to keep openly gay people down, to allow for discrimination of openly gay people. That’s the height of hypocrisy.

But, as I said … Republican.


the dogs' mother said...

wow. what a mess.

Sadie J said...

Talk about self denial. The psych-major side of my brain could have a field day with this one!

anne marie in philly said...

asshat! besides, no self-respecting gay guy would wanna get between the sheets with THAT slob!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Whether or not this man is gay is immaterial really; politicians of all shapes, sizes, colour, religion and sexual orientation should be used to having their private life turned inside out when they apply for elected office. We the voting public have the right to decide whether we want hypocrites serving us (actually not much chance of a politician not being a hypocrite on some matter or other) or someone who might be trustworthy. Saying one thing while doing another is hardly new in politicians, but how many more of them do we need? Clearly this slob is same old, same old.

AM - nor any self-respecting woman either!

Blobby said...

what experiment lasts 6 years? Even Salk developed a polio vaccine in less time.