Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A couple of co-workers were talking about cast iron pans and how they love cooking with them.

Co-worker One: I once had a cast iron skillet crack on me.

Co-worker Two: What happened?

Co-worker One: I think it got too hot and just cracked.

Bob [interrupting]: I had a cast iron skillet crack once.

Co-worker One: You did? How did it happen?

Bob: I was using it to hit Carlos over the head and ... oh wait, it wasn't the skillet that cracked, it was Carlos' head. The skillet was fine, thank God.

Co-worker One: You're going to Hell.

Bob: Where the music is fabulous and the cocktails never end!


mistress maddie said...

And that's the truth too!

anne marie in philly said...

(snort) I LOVE YOU!

the dogs' mother said...


Mark in DE said...

Rolling my eyes... ;-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

I tried the same on San Geraldo. In his case, the skillet cracked.