Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Greedy Motherf**ker Martin Shkreli Gets Served ... Again

Remember when greedy mother**ker Martin Shkreli, or Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought the rights to Daraprim, an AIDS drug and instantly jacked up the price from $13 a pill to $750 a pill because he can and because he’s a greedy mother**ker?

And remember the shiz storm that followed and how Shkreli said he would lower the price?

And remember that he never lowered it?

Now, he has some competition, because Mark Baum, the CEO of San Diego-based Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc., which mixes approved drug ingredients to fill individual patient prescriptions, announced that his company will supply capsules containing Daraprim's active ingredients, pyrimethamine and leucovorin, for $99 for a 100-capsule bottle.

A buck a pill.

Imprimis also said it has plans to start making inexpensive versions of other generic drugs whose prices have skyrocketed.

Paybacks are a bitch, eh Martin?


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mistress maddie said...

$750 a PILL!!!!!! Even if I was a billionaire I wouldn't pay that. Someone needs to take a cheese wire to that arrogant bastards neck. Kudos to Mark Baum and his company.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Not only is Shkreli a shmuck, he's also a liar. Wishing him his just desserts! Mark Baum is a rockstar.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Good for Imprimis; shame most pharma companies have their eye on the bottom line not the patients' needs